Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eid Mubarak 2013

Friends and Supporters of YKMAM,

Today is the first day of Shawal 1434h and also 8 August 2013
Today is also the fifth anniversary of the foundation
Thank you for supporting us all these years
Thank you for making us your charity of choice

Ramadan has left us for now
Yet there's always time to do good
To increase prayers and deeds
To increase charity and help those in need

Shawal has come knocking on our doors
Bringing more opportunities to do good
While we rejoice and feast after a month of fasting
It is good to remind ourselves of those who are still hungry and thirsty

The Board of Trustees and staff of
Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia 

wishing you,

Eid Mubarak 
Please forgive us for any shortcoming

Friday, May 10, 2013

Malaysiana: A Fruit with Many Names

Roadside stalls are aplenty wherever you travel in Malaysia. Many of them are interesting if you care to stop and snoop.

Stuck in a traffic jam going up the hills of Cameron Highlands, we decided to cool off the car's engine and our parched throat with some exotic looking fruits. It's a kind of coconut that's said to have medicinal properties. Read about these fruits here. (OK, use Google translate if you must). Popularly know as African sea coconut, this fruit is also called tal, lontar and many others. Anyway, whatever its name is, we looooove it.

Just suck on the straw to draw out the sweet juice, then use a spoon to take the flesh out. yummmm.... 
Tal galore! Prices start from RM5 to RM15, depending on size. Or you can buy the ready made drink at just RM2 per cup. Oooh...we're talking about the darker coloured fruits at the bottom.
Another view of the fruits on display. We were told that these fruits come from the northern part of Perak.
The affable seller has amazing knife skill. 
Who's the crowd puller? Many people also stopped at this stall.
Angelina's note: An exotic fruit a day keeps the doctor away. purrrr....meow!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Feline Paradise on Earth

Yes, it does exist. Its existence makes you realise that there is hope yet in this crazy world we live in....

This is my Mama's account:
A chance visit to the northern island of Langkawi gave us an opportunity to visit this wonderful place called LASSie (Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation) currently occupying the grounds of Bon Ton Resort. The organisation was set up to receive, rehabilitate and care for neglected, abused and needy animals. I saw some woofies lounging in the enclosures but what made me sing is that the cats are allowed to roam free. Lovely photos will make you drool, peeps.
Look out for this marker along the road from the airport to Pantai Cenang, drop by for coffee or tea, lunch dinner or breakfast at this lovely resort. There's a lovely shop selling all sorts of creative crafts where proceeds will go to the shelter.
Hmmm...reception committee awaits...complete with head butts and leg wraps.
Yusuf...beautiful, regal and friendly...ok...maybe a bit gender confused. A she with a he name...
Mama says Yusuf will be Brad's new bride. Lulu is free for others now...teeheehee....
Mama says this little lady reminds her of me when I was a little girl...
.....and...action! They really know how to pose for the camera.
And who says cats hate water?
When cat ladies meet....they talked toys...environment friendly cat toys to be precise.
The Bon Ton Resort offers a unique experience of staying in Malay village houses...complete with resident cats, of course.
Beautiful landscape at the resort...purrrfect setting for Brad and Yusuf's wedding I must say.
Mama says next time we'll stay here.
Visited the shelter proper, those staying in the enclosure are either sick or new arrivals, not fit to roam the grounds yet.
Guess this kitty's name? Hint: moustache.
aaahhh....what a life...
Oh...the kitties need forever homes too...They can't stay in the shelter forever...
Yusuf saying goodbye at the end of the visit.
Angelina's note: Check out and for further information. A quick glance tells me you can contact them to make a donation, make a booking to stay at the resort, or even if you want to volunteer at the clinic and shelter. purrr.....meow!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Discovering Kunak

I am sad with the turn of events in Sabah right now. Many hoomans from both sides have lost their lives and I don't know how many more will lose theirs. I wonder if the evacuated locals remember to bring their pets with them....

Anyway, a few districts have been mentioned in the news, where the militants are supposed to be still at large - Lahad Datu, Semporna and Kunak. My Mama is a frequent traveller to Semporna, en route to her projects on the islands, and....has also visited the least known Kunak. Serious! Now, how many of you know where this place is? Hmmmm....? (raised one eyebrow!)

Kunak first came into our radar when we saw an agriculture TV programme that highlighted Kunak's salak madu. Salak is a kind of fruit from the palm family that has a snake-like brown skin and white flesh that tastes kinda sweet, sour and tart. The one from Kunak is said to be extra sweet (hence madu or honey) and crunchy.

Hmmm...people say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this case, we'd have to find the fruit and eat it first. Or so my Mama said. And so we made a more than 20km detour off the Tawau-Semporna road into Kunak, in our quest for a fruit.

First roundabout we came to in Kunak has these humongous prawns basking in the sun.
Then we stopped at this row of stalls selling tidbits and fruits, and ask around for the whereabouts of the fruits.
We found some! They were selling for about RM4 per kilogramme. The stall owner was kind enough to give directions to the fruit farm.
Just go along the road from the fruit stalls until you find this sign by the roadside.
Not too far off the main road, you'll see this signboard. The name of the fruit farm owner is Sudirman or better known as Pak Sudir among the locals.
The salak trees resemble oil palm trees, only smaller.
Bunches of unripe salak fruits upclose. The young ones are very thorny. Oooh...beware of snakes!
I assume that these are the seedlings. Hmm...maybe should have bought one or two and try to plant at home.
Is this woofie the guardian of the farm? He was friendly though. I hope he's fed for his services.

Brad's notes: Our verdict? The salak fruit from Kunak is sweet as honey and crunchy, as publicised. Nowadays, whenever we come across anyone selling this fruit, the first question we'll ask: is this from Kunak? har har har *evil laughs*