Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brad the brat

Have I told you all about Brad? Maybe I have or maybe I haven't. It doesn't matter.
Anyway, to cut the story short, Brad is now due for neutering...or in cat lingo...snip snip! He's been acting funny so I think he deserves a day or two away from home...Finally I would have some peace and quiet.
My mom says if a male cat starts to show these signs: showing off his p...s at strangers, pee at undesirable places esp by spraying, showing aggression towards females (like moi) - he's a candidate for snip snip. I've had my operation done yonks ago. But I'm a girl so I didn't have all those spraying and showing off p...s to people...Urgh! That ugly pinkish thing...yuk!

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