Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aunty Ayu Calling!

One of Mama's friends is very passionate about turtles, of the sea, land or riverine variety. She gets upset if she sees people selling, buying or eating turtle eggs. I haven't eaten let alone seen any turtle eggs. But I support any effort to conserve fellow animals, especially the endangered ones. To quote Aunty Ayu's recent spiel:
"No one here sells turtle eggs right? And no one here eat turtle eggs right? OK, some may have done so in the past, and have since stopped right? Right.
WWF-Malaysia is currently running an Egg=Life campaign, getting pledges from the public to:
1. support laws to ban the sale and consumption of turtle eggs (currently the laws still allow turtle eggs to be sold freely - except leatherback eggs)
2. support the call for a comprehensive and holistic federal legislation to protect turtles (currently each state has its own turtle enactment, with different state having different provisions, and some states don't have it at all)
3. not eat turtle eggs (I know everyone here doesn't, so no problem with the pledging right?)
So can I get everyone's support here please?
Just click on and sign your pledges please?
On behalf of the endangered marine reptiles, THANKS SO MUCH!"
You can also show your support by "clicking" on the cute banner on the right.

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