Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Phone Call

Ring ring ring ring...

'Angelina Jolie's residence!'

'Hello. May I speak with Angelina, please.'

'One moment, please. Who shall I say calling?'

'It's her brother Tom.'

'Oh, very well. A moment, please.'

'Angelina, Tom's on the line. For you.'

'Thanks, Brad.'

'Hi Tom. Angelina here.'

'Hey pretty girl, howzit going?'

'Silly boy. Stop using American slang. I'm Aussie, mate. What's up?'

'Nothing. Just wondering how y'all holding up down under. How's Mama?'

'Not good. Mama's been sick since she got back. I heard her complaining to Dad about her body clock being topsy turvy.'

'Well, she's been having this persistent cough when she came back from her travel to the Middle East.'

'Yeah. That too. Plus she got caught in the drizzle when she fetched us from Uncle Is and Auntie If's place. And it's cold here compared with where she's been in the past six weeks.'

'Is she having a flu? Any fever?'

'I think it's the combination of everything. And lack of sleep. Hasn't been to work too.'

'That's a bit worrying. How are you coping?'

'Well, we've been doing our bit to help ease her suffering. I've been giving her massages while Brad keeps her warm by cuddling her. We hope that helps.'

'We'll pray for her too. Hope she'll recover soon. At least Dad is not sick. A bit busy though. He comes home late almost everynight.'

'Yeah. Send my love, hugs and kisses to Dad.'

'The same from us to Mama, OK?'

'Righto, bro.'

'Hey, who's being American now?'

'Teeheehee. You started it.'

'Don't be cheeky sister.'

'Sorry....send my love to Nicole and the kids, OK!'

'Oh, all right.'



Pi Bani said...

Angelina, you take good care of your mama, ye hear? And don't be naughty!

mamasita said...

Hope your mama will be fully recovered soon. and Tom talk exactly like us human siblings.Despite your scratchy and loud meows, the brother-sister bond is so obvious!
See you sometime mate!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi,
I've been good. Very very good. Didn't even squeak when Tom hijacked my blog.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

To the normal human ears the telephone conversation would sound like this:
meow meow meow....purrr purrr purrr.....grrr grrr grrr...roar roar roar....aum aum aum....

Unknown said...

Hi there Angelina

I have been sick too like your mama...Coughing away. Think it is the polluted air in KL as I was there for four days last week.

Take care and hold the fort till your mama comes home!

Meoooows to you and yours

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Mama is home. Don't worry, she'll get her groove back soon. At least she's not sick of us cats!

anneaziz said...

Dear Cat,

Glad your mama's better. Can you tell her something for me?

Ask her is she could draw your family tree, I'm getting dizzy from your many siblings and anak beranak? I feel like wanting to climb and jump off your cat tree..MEOW!

Aunty pening la...tolong!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Anne,
Should it include our two-legged family members too? purrrr......

Cheqna said...

wishing your Mama well, hope she takes good care of herself.

to you n siblings...behave!..haha..


Cat-from-Sydney said...

We've been good. Sumpah! Lillah!