Friday, August 13, 2010

Teka Teki

What goes in your mind when you see this on the road?

Okay, whoever can give the right answer will receive a special gift from me. It's related to the pix above.

Now, when you see that timber-laden truck, think, where's the top and the bottom? The top will be the one bearing the crown of a tree while the bottom will be the base that supports a tree. Think....then tell me.

Oh, all beings are eligible to take part - monyets, moths, cats, snakes, iguanas, humans... roar! roar! roar!


Unknown said...

A bit off topic - when I see such a pic, my heart bleeds for the loss of habitat for many creatures in the jungle and its impact on the environment and global warming...


Take care and selamat berpuasa.


mokja said...

Dell : teketeki ape tu.Yang kami tahu kalau lori tu diatas,lenyeklah yang dibawah jadinya.EEE ,tak mahu.Takuttt.

Pi Bani said...

The top and the bottom tinggal kat hutan la kot.

The word verification says "folest". That's where I got my answer flom... am I lait or long?

Monyet King said...

I will make a logical attempt to answer the teka teki.

The bottom of the tree is always bigger than the top (except for pokok pisang). Because of this fact, you cannot always arrange all the logs in the same direction. On the lorry, some bigger ends will be in the front, and some bigger ends will be at the back.

Source : Ensaikopedia Monyet

kay_leeda said...

Rezeki menggolek bagi si pembalak!! Asal jgn kayu balak tu tergolek dulu lah...LOL.

I got monyet in da hse. KakNyet can teka ah?

Ellen Whyte said...

Also off topic: What a grubby truck!

TK said...

Everytime I drive behind the timber-laden truck I would always pray that the timber wont fall down...kena hempap balak..penyek oooo..
I think the bottom should be bigger..but of course the top and the base are left in the forest..

Unknown said...

..I see our mountains and hills being slaughtered by unmitigated greed..I hear the roar of santaiwongs drowning the cries of noble trees as they are mowed down, kneeling in the dusts where once they reached out into the sky..I see rivers losing its lustre and clarity, belching yellow and cream right up to the sea..fishes drowned by the mud and slime..and I hear the plea of the Orang Asli as they waded in putrid waters, looking for a reason why through all the gushing waters, they got none to drink..and I hear the earth moan, as the rain fell, removing its cover..

Wan Sharif said...

Dear CiS,
When I see a lorry fully laden with timber on the road, I thought of silty rivers and loss of my favorite fishes.. toman, kelah, haruan, sebarau, belida, tengas..
I also thought of greed that cause us to destroy what we are supposed to take care..
Selamat berpuasa.. OOps the cats must berpuasa juga ke??

ninotaziz said...

Practical answer
top part at the end of lorry.

P Ramlee answer
Bila campak dalam sungai, atas nya tibul. Bawah nya tenggelam.

Ninot's answer
I reallly have no idea!

And why do you do this to us?

~CovertOperations78~ said...

*Rolls about in anguish at the sight of cut trees*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Dear Aunty Paula, Mamason, Aunty Pi, HRH Monyet King, Aunty Kay, TK Sensei, Au and Target, Pakmat, Ayoh Wang, Aunty Ninot and CO78,
I get angry when I see such timber-laden trucks for reasons that some of you have highlighted here. Yes, that pile of timber represents the loss of our forest and heritage. It also represents loss of habitat to our wildlife and native people. To the people who logged the forests, that pile of timber only represents $$$$$ and their greed.
On the "teka-teki" part, only Aunty Pi and TK Sensei got it right. What we could see here is what is called "clear bole" in forestry/timber industry terms. The crown and base are left in the jungle, whether to rot or to be burnt, we don't really know. If they had burnt it, that is another despicable act. Oh, PakMat, my Mama said she hasn't heard the word "santaiwong" for ages! Her former colleagues used to call her that as Mama walks slow and slowed other people down when they trekking in the jungle.
Also, the law of the land says no timber measuring less than 18cm in diameter should be cut down in the first place, or be taken out of the forests. All logs must be marked by the rangers (they have a special stamping device for this) before they can be loaded onto a truck like this. Then transported on the highway, witnessed by all and sundry. If you look closely, some of those logs on the truck do look kinda small and if anyone were to take a ruler and measure....
I weep for those logs. Imagine if our heads and feet are cut off and then paraded naked for all the world to see?
Why am I doing this, asked Aunty Ninot. We're in a very sensitive mood in the house due to my Mama's predicament and stress at her work place. One day, I may write about it, if Mama wants to talk about it. So, this is our way of getting it out of our system...weep for the forests...because weeping for Mama will only get our ears flicked.

roar! roar! roar!

Lee said...

Hi Cat, the top is at the rear...
Anyway, always sad to see trees older than me being cut down.
And not replaced. Pity.
You stay easy and keep well, Lee.

wawa said...

wow really impressive. i like to be in the company of thinkers :)

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Dear Uncle Lee,
Unlike most softwood (pines, acacias, fir, beech, sequioa to name a few), the tropical hardwood like chengal, meranti, keruing, ramin etc take about 60 years to mature. They are slow growers but once fully matured, it's a majestic sight. So, anything less than 18cm in diameter is only 30 years old max, thus will make unsound timber for any structure. It would be a waste (and stupid) to use such good timber to make stuffs like pallets, for example.
Oh, Aunty Pi has given the correct answer to the teka-teki. roar! roar! roar!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Dear Wama,
Welcome to my world. Thinkers? We purrr tooo.... roar! roar! roar!

Cheqna said...

alamak too late to join eh..and my answer of d teka teki wld have been d same as Ninot's ~ cara P.Ramlee ~ hehe.

hope can still be in Wawa's world of thinkers...hahaha..


p/s - hope ur mama is not stressed anoymore.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Sokmo tertinggal roar! roar! roar!