Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Discovering Kunak

I am sad with the turn of events in Sabah right now. Many hoomans from both sides have lost their lives and I don't know how many more will lose theirs. I wonder if the evacuated locals remember to bring their pets with them....

Anyway, a few districts have been mentioned in the news, where the militants are supposed to be still at large - Lahad Datu, Semporna and Kunak. My Mama is a frequent traveller to Semporna, en route to her projects on the islands, and....has also visited the least known Kunak. Serious! Now, how many of you know where this place is? Hmmmm....? (raised one eyebrow!)

Kunak first came into our radar when we saw an agriculture TV programme that highlighted Kunak's salak madu. Salak is a kind of fruit from the palm family that has a snake-like brown skin and white flesh that tastes kinda sweet, sour and tart. The one from Kunak is said to be extra sweet (hence madu or honey) and crunchy.

Hmmm...people say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this case, we'd have to find the fruit and eat it first. Or so my Mama said. And so we made a more than 20km detour off the Tawau-Semporna road into Kunak, in our quest for a fruit.

First roundabout we came to in Kunak has these humongous prawns basking in the sun.
Then we stopped at this row of stalls selling tidbits and fruits, and ask around for the whereabouts of the fruits.
We found some! They were selling for about RM4 per kilogramme. The stall owner was kind enough to give directions to the fruit farm.
Just go along the road from the fruit stalls until you find this sign by the roadside.
Not too far off the main road, you'll see this signboard. The name of the fruit farm owner is Sudirman or better known as Pak Sudir among the locals.
The salak trees resemble oil palm trees, only smaller.
Bunches of unripe salak fruits upclose. The young ones are very thorny. Oooh...beware of snakes!
I assume that these are the seedlings. Hmm...maybe should have bought one or two and try to plant at home.
Is this woofie the guardian of the farm? He was friendly though. I hope he's fed for his services.

Brad's notes: Our verdict? The salak fruit from Kunak is sweet as honey and crunchy, as publicised. Nowadays, whenever we come across anyone selling this fruit, the first question we'll ask: is this from Kunak? har har har *evil laughs*


The Furries of Whisppy said...

I've seen salak, held a salak but have never attempted to try it. Probably something to do with the face my friend made when she bit into one. :p

aby said...

salam CfS ..
suddenly memories of boating in semporna came back ..
just pray that the trouble will end soon ..

tireless mom said...

Next time Mama pergi Kunak, please bring the honey salak for auntie TM please. Hopefully your Mama will get to go there again to continue with her noble projects soon.

LP said...

Peace on's all we should want and aspire to. So sad about all the unnecessary violence.

the critters in the cottage xo

Tamago said...

So sorry to hear the situation in Sabah. I hope the conflict will end....
The fruit sounds very delicious. I would love to try one from Kunak!

meowwmania said...

sedapnya buah salak!

sama-sama kita doakan moga Sabah aman semula..

~CovertOperations78~ said...

What a lovely place Kunak is. I too am sad that they ended up in the middle of a conflict they never wanted to be part of. I hope the conflict will be resolved soon, and for good. I pray for the safety and well-being of all our civilians and members of the security forces.

Ellen Whyte said...

There is a lot about this situation that is opaque. I'd like some hard news about this. And a proper background of the history. I'm not getting either from the newspapers.

Love Sabah. Haven't seen a lot of it, but it's an amazing place. Nice people too.

Photo Cache said...

purring for the resolution of whatever is happening in sabah. we missed you all.

Emma and Buster

Al-Manar said...

I was based in Sabah 1964-1968. Can you imagine how I got to those places then? It was the era when we flew and landed on grass strips, skipping them if the ground was too wet and slipper to land after a downpour. It was jungles and no plantation except rubber.

Lee said...

Hi Cat, I love this place....and great pics. Nice to see green. I've been seeing white 3 months!
Have a fun weekend.

Unknown said...

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