Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lazy Bum

Been a long while since I've been pawing the keyboard...purr....I've just been so lazy lately. It's been raining heaps in my area lately. With the rain comes the howling wind and it's been cold...burrr....
So I just spend the time sleeping. My fav port now is my Mama's massage chair. The box has a label that says "Feel human again"...guess that doesn't apply to cats. Now that I spend more time on it than Mama, maybe we should change the tagline to something like "Feel feline again"...meow meow meow....
But what's a cat supposed to do all day? I'm not expected to go out and make a living. My Mama does that! I'm not tall enough to go to school...well, I'm not even allowed on the school bus! Hmmm...I can sympathize with that tiger on the Optus ad...imagine me going to the library...I would distract all those bookworms with my good looks. They would all stop reading their books just so they could stroke my lovely body...I'm irresistable ya?
Yawn yawn yawn....I'm going back to sleep...So long, peeps! Zzzzzzzz

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