Friday, January 5, 2007

Dr T

Been a while since I last wrote. Well, I've been away from the computer. Why? Because my Mama was away in Perth and I had to stay with Dr T. She's a nice enough lady vet but I don't like her so-called boarding house. Must admit that ahe does spend time playing with me...even her assistants do that. There's this one "Auntie" who loves to rub my stomach. Excuse me, M'am...but it's ticklish...
However, although all of us boarders are put in separate cages, we do have to put up with each other like I had with these two dogs who keep barking all the time...they just irritate the h.... out of me. I hate noisy people, or animals.
Dr T also didn't put any clay in the toilet, she used old newspaper. That's just not my thing. I prefer clay coz I like to bury my poo...So when I'm with Dr T I'll give her a "present" in the water bowl. Then, she'll complain to my Mama that I did my thing in the water bowl....heheheh...Mama got embarassed, as if I haven't been toilet trained.
Dr T is a vet but she obviously hasn't read Mama's Cat Owner's Manual. Maybe she doesn't know that you're not supposed to put food and toilet next to each other. That's a No-No in the feline toilet etiquette. Sigh...maybe next time I'll do it in the food bowl. See how Dr T reacts....growl...growl...

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