Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hygiene Matters

Burrr....I'm wet, and definitely shivering today. My Mama had this bright idea of giving me a bath today coz "Oohh..it's a bright sunny summer day. Let's give Angelina a bath," she said. Not that I mind the aromatherapy cum hydrotherapy services that she gave at the SPA (the kitchen sink, actually) but it's freezing outside and it's very very windy. I'm even complaining about the massage she gave while lathering the aloe vera shampoo all over me but it will be ages before I get to lick my entire body dry.
You see, we cats has a reputation when it comes to cleanliness and hygienic practices. We like to groom ourselves at any time of the day, worse for my long-haired brethren, but we don't particularly like WATER! We belong to those expensive category of possessions that's labelled DRY CLEAN ONLY. Not that we need to be sent to the laundromat though...
I don't know about other cats but another of my pet peeves is nail clipping. I will claw, scratch and yowl my way out of such a situation. No manicure or pedicure for me...please!
The only area where Mama and I see eye to eye is the upkeep of my toilet. She's been very good at poo scooping, choosing the right litter material and knowing when to change it. You'll be amazed at the range of litter materials available nowadays but my Mama is an expert at choosing the right one for me. You want to know what we do if our toilets are dirty? We'll do the business elsewhere! Probably on the furniture. I know Mama had that problem with her other family. Heard that they vomit a lot too.
Oohh..my tail is still wet. Must lick it dry...lick it dry...lick it dry....meow!

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