Friday, December 22, 2006

Big Momma

My Mama is a Big Momma...well, not exactly as big as the Biggest Loser contestants but she's been having this yo-yo thing for years. Of course, as any decent Aussie would do, she blames the weather. Said that winter was too cold and she had to eat to keep warm. that we actually have two heaters at home. Spring and Summer? Too much rain, can't go out to exercise, she claimed. But Mama, haven't you heard of Fernwood or Soul Fitness?
But I love my Mama the way she is. Because I love cuddling up with her, she's so a teddy bear. My favourite is sleeping on her bosom when it's raining and cold outside. Her hugs make me feel secure and protected. Don't think it's the same if Mama suddenly become slim and svelte. Urgh..all bones and skin. I shudder at the thought.
Well, Mama dearest, as long as you're healthy, who cares about your size? What's important is your big heart. I love you just the way you are...mwah mwah...

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