Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's a boring life....not!

We cats are a boring lot, I tell you. What do I do all day long? Well, let me rephrase that...what does my human master (she call herself Mama) expects me to do when I'm alone at home?
Frankly, I don't know what other cats do but I have been spending my time intelligently. My day would start by licking Mama's face to wake her up at sunrise. Easy to do on weekdays but quite a chore on weekends coz she likes to "sleep in a bit" she said. Then I led to the kitchen where she will feed me, put fresh water in the bowl and clean my toilet. There were days when she forgets or too lazy to do the poo scooping though. That irks me and I'll show my displeasure in the most unpleasant way. I gave her a "present" in the kitchen sink! Hee hee hee...She's learned her lesson.
You should applaud Mama for her effort in keeping me happy. She has this book called Cat Owner's Manual and has been burying her nose in it. Must have puzzled when I act in the contrary, unlike what the author of that book wrote.
Oops...I've digressed. Back to my routine...I'll do the necessary sending Mama to the door as she leaves the house for work. Will not fail to give a pathetic "don't leave me alone" look, just to make sure she comes home in time for my evening meal.
After she's gone...jeng jeng's nap time...aargh....what a bliss....I'll put my head on Mama's pillow and stretch myself on her bed. I need to conserve energy for the evening...that's when I'll make Mama play with me...just love those balls and fishing thingy....
Aahhh...what a life....

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