Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Officially A Mate

It's official. Brad no longer belongs to Auntie Jasmine. He's now my pet. Not my Mama's but MINE! All MINE! I can do what I like with him now. Apparently Mama and Auntie Jasmine decided they have to consider what's best for him. Hey, what about me?
But it's OK. I have my own way of dealing with things.
Like, I have longer and sharper claws than Brad. I don't know why, but for a boy, he seems to enjoy his manicure and pedicure. Always surrendering when Mama shows the nail clippers. Not me! No way, Jose! I will scream and kick and make a fuss. So, when I fight with Brad, I always have the upper hand, or rather, the upper claws...
Please all may think that we fight all the time...actually, NO! We do have our "moments". Like sharing a bed or sharing a sofa...though I always make sure that he doesn't touch me.

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