Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spay Them All

Mom seems upset today. Apparently she received news that Dad has taken in another female cat and...guess what? her three new kittens. Oh boy! Yes, Dad has a point, he found the kittens in a skip bin. Apparently some other doofus humans have thrashed the new kittens as if they were rubbish. Dad took the kittens home and then went to look for the mother. Luckily he found her.
Back to Mom, who's still upset, she doesn't think having 10 cats is a great idea. The six of us, me and Brad over here, Tom, Nicole, Mike and Nikki overseas, are enough trouble already. Fine, the kittens look cute and they are I must say pretty in that marmalade tone, but poor Mom dreads the poo scooping she has to do later on.
It's bad enough that Brad has very poor toilet manners, forever "missing" the box and did it either on the floor or newspaper covering. She also said what Tom and family produce daily can fertilise a 200-acre vegetable farm. Hahaha....
Imagine seeing this label at organic markets "Organic vegetable, only all natural feline fertiliser used." Would anyone buy the vege then?
Must be quite tasty...

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