Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mama's Garden

That's me sunbathing at my mum's garden...

It was Australia Day yesterday. So, Mama was at home and she decided to restart her garden that was completely ruined when she was away. It's a scorcher, this summer, and the plants suffer.
Mama is particularly upset that her rose plant is dead, completely dried out. I must say that plant has been giving me joy too even though it would flower only one at a time. It's that beautiful deep red velvety type. I had fun brushing my cheeks against the flower. It has a beautiful smell. And now it's gone...
Gone as well are Mama's herbs. She has thousands of parsley, coriander and mint planted as she uses them in her cooking. I especially love it when she plants lemon grass as I quite enjoy munching the aromatic leaves...
So, yesterday I saw her bringing some new plants and seeds from Flower Power. She must have spent a fortune there. I know she likes Flower Power not just for plants and gardening stuffs, but because it also has a cafe. She told me there's an aviary next to the cafe so there's no way she'll let me near the birds. Hahaha...as if I have time for those birds. I have better things to do, like biting Brad's ears.
Brad was so annoying this morning that I decided to teach him a lesson while Mama was in the shower. Pity her, having to clean the floor as Brad was bleeding. Not profusely that he'll die but enough to make him go and sort himself out. He has to learn that there'll be consequences if he provokes me.
Anyway, back to Mama's garden. She's now planted more herbs and put mulch on top of the soil. To lock in the moisture, she says. People, the weather is so erratic nowadays. It was more than 40oC on Saturday and cooler yesterday, about 28oC as it was drizzling. Today, I must say it's quite humid because the rain hasn't stopped. But good for me as I could now spend the day sleeping....zzzzzzzz

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