Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Roachers Are Back!!!

I had a nightmare last night! I dreamt that I was half buried in the sand at Cronulla Beach and someone was pouring buckets of live cockroaches on my head...yuk! gross!
Much as I like summer in Sydney, I also hate the six-legged creatures that come out of hibernation during this season. Despite Mama's attempts at pest control (bombs, spray, traps, baits etc) there's like millions of them at home. Especially in the kitchen, especially where my food is.
Apparently there are two species of this nasty roachers - American and German. The Americans would invade your bathroom, darker in colour than the Germans who would infest your kitchen. So, they must be imported in the first place. Or stowaways in those convict ships a century ago. How come there's no Aussie roach?
Then there's also the flies. I'm talking about humongous blue bottles. They will come in droves if you dare to have a barbie in the backyard on a hot summer day. I'm somewhat amazed with Brad's ability to catch these flying pests. Can you imagine those tiny paws catching those filthy creatures? But then you have to see him in action to believe it.
I killed some roachers yesterday. I guess that's why I had the nightmare last night. Should I have compassion for my fellow creature, no matter how disgusting they are?

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