Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brad Chided, Me Rewarded

Seeing how distressed Mama was about our on-off truce, Dad decided to sit down with Brad and I. Boy! That was the longest pep talk we had to endure from Dad. He started by saying how much easier life would be if everyone cooperates and just be nice to each other. Then he said if we don't behave accordingly, he'll consider putting us up for adoption.

"God knows how hard it would be to find someone, or anyone, who would want to adopt two very obstinate felines," he said. It sounded as if he meant it.

But deep down I know Dad has a very kind heart. No way he's going to give us away. Even Mama gets scolded if she dares lay a hand on especially!

And, guess what? After the hard talk, Dad actually treated us with...jeng jeng cream! It was Magnum, no less. The white chocolate kind, mind you. Mama was worried about the chocolate content so she bought a tub of Peter's Original Vanilla for us. Mmmmm....yumm...doesn't matter that it's winter, I lllurve that ice cream. Now I understand what the expression "Cat got cream" means!

To Mama and Dad, as long as the ice cream keeps coming, there'll be peace on the homefront.

After the pep talk, reward? Brad licks the Magnum clean!

Moi? Listening to Dad's advice...I was cool about it

Brad in deep, very very deep, thinking

Dad was next to us, so no choice but to behave...

Brad contemplating a lasting peace...

Well, for the time being, war is off, ceasefire is on!

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