Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catworld Confidential

Ahh...."Sunday morning up with lark...I wish I could take a walk in the park...hey hey's a beautiful day..." Remember that song?

A very beautiful day indeed! Brad finally got his comeuppance! Courtesy of Pingu, the house guest, no less.

I know that Brad is very very annoyed that Pingu has taken over my Mama's bed. Mama doesn't seem to mind. I saw Brad cringing when Mama said, "Hmmm...what a big boy you are Pingu. How nice to cuddle with a handsome giant fella for a change."

Must report that it didn't take Pingu and his mate Ginger long to familiarise themselves with our house. In fact, Pingu decided he would win my Mama by the first hour. Boy! Brad is fuming, I tell you.

When he came to complain to me, I told him to just bear with it. "Come on, he's our guest. Be generous. Doesn't hurt to be nice to him. Anyway, his parents will come pick him up tomorrow," I assured him.

"What if they don't leave at all?" Brad seemed very worried.

"Oh, look who's talking?" Can't help telling him off coz two years ago Brad first came as a guest. And he never left...haha...

I'm trying to give a verbatim report of what transpired between the two boys. Ginger and I are happy remaining as onlookers.

"That's the problem with boys having huge ego and territorial issues," whispered Ginger. He obviously didn't want to get into trouble with Pingu when they go home.

Face-off Brad and Pingu style. "Shoo! Don't you dare jump on my couch. Bad enough you took over my Mama's bed," hissed Brad, showing off his fangs to Pingu.
"As if! I'll just swat with one paw and you're history, mini cat!" Pingu not mincing his words.

Pingu contemplating his next move. Isn't he humongous? I like that glossy black coat of his....shhhh...doesn't want Brad to know that...

"See, even your Mama doesn't mind me playing with her stuff," Pingu told Brad.

Not wanting to lose face, Brad shouted, "I may be small but I can fight like a man!"

"Watch my bum, Brad," said Pingu, wanting to have the last say.

Ginger doesn't like conflict. "I'd rather watch the world outside," he said.

My neck still hurts as I twist left and right trying to record everything.

Boys will be boys, I tell you!


mamasita said...

hehehe..I'm beginning to adore Brad too!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ouch Mamasita! I thought you only love me? Purrr....

If it were left to me, I'll exchange Brad with Ginger anytime...he's such a sweet boy....a gentle giant...

Anonymous said...

awww Brad buddie, girls will be girls too huh? not seeing that you is only trying to keeps yoru mommas safe.. you does not understand that he is not there to hurt you though, just stopping by :)
Ginger how very manly you are to just sit in solitude and serenity :))

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Victor love, Brad is jealous coz my Mama's been pally pally with Pingu too...cuddling him in bed and all...
I'm enjoying all these coz at least I'm off the radar for the moment. Brad's off my back for a while.
Ginger is very sweet. I like him better than Brad...purrr....