Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Blogging Equipment

Nope. This is not a paid advertisement though I mention a few brand names here.

Mama went to Harvey Norman a few days ago and bought me a few "stuffs." She said it's just to make my blogging more comfortable. shouldn't Mama...or maybe she's feeling guilty over the swearing incident.

First, it was this gadget called USB Fan. It's supposed to reduce the heat produced by prolonged use of the MacBook.
The colour pink matches the MacBook, OK?

Then, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened it, a couple of handsome blokes said they have delivery for me. Mama bought a new desk for me! Yahoo!!! I think people call this style of desk "roll top" or something. It's Made in Australia by a manufacturer called Flamingo Furniture of Victoria, of plantation timber. Oak, I think. has travelled far....

Hmmm...ample space for the MacBook, USB Fan and modem.

Teeheehee...that's me checking out if I could fit into the space too. Hmmm...just nice.

When not in use, we can roll the cover. Cool....

"But Mama, all those dangling cables spoil the look," I said.

"We'll go to Ikea and get those monster cables tomorrow, OK?" she replied.

This new desk looks like something out of the Antiques Roadshow programme of the BBC, eh?

Oh, Mama bought something for Brad too but am not telling....It's a high-tech gadget that he can share with Dad. It's humongous!!!


Pi Bani said...

Yo Angelina! You on skype?

Razee Salleh said...

Dear Sydneysider Kitty,

Lucky you!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi,
Nope. Mama doesn't allow me skyping....purrr....meow!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Uncle Razee,
My Mama looooooves me....yeay.... purrr....meow!

Naz in Norway said...

Cool! I'm going to get one of those fans too.
You're lucky to have Inspector Gadget for a mom, Putty Tat!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Naz,
Inspector Gadget? hahahaha...more like Mythbuster! purrr....meow!

Pat said...

You're one lucky PuttyTat! That roll-top desk is something I've been looking at for a lonnnnng time . . . sigh.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Pat,
My bro Tom has a similar one at our house in Malaysia. So, you can get it there. Mama said she bought it at a little furniture shop in KL. We kitties can play hide and seek using it too, eh? purrr...meow!

Pi Bani said...

Yo Brad! Roll down the cover when you catch Angelina asleep beside the MacBook ya? Muahaha!

Lee said...

Hi Cat, Wow! I have always loved this roll down cover table. Especially those antique looking ones.
But rather expensive, so in view of my Apple Imac 24, I made my own table, ha ha.
Looks like you are now very comfortable blogging.
You sure got a great mom.
G'day, Lee.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

What a lucky kitty you are! Does this mean you have gone professional as a blogger? No more blogging from bed?

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi! You're so mean. But thanks for giving me ideas...purrr...meow!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Uncle Lee,
My Mama bought the smallest one in the shop and the store was having a sale. So, not too expensive as we got about 40% discount plus free delivery. purrr...meow!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

We've never blogged in bed...No way.. We have a small Ikea table that we want to dispose off now. Anyone for a cute maroon Ikea computer table? purrr....meow!

Unknown said...

I've always wanted a roll-top desk from the time I was a little girl - I read about it in one classic (can't remember the name) and this one is a real beauty!

Take care and have lots of fun!


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Paula,
And I'm living your dream...coz am a little girl still...purrr...meow!

kay_leeda said...

Mama's been shopping eh, Angie? That's a very handsome desk your Mama got you. Some cats are just so lucky :)

Next is for you to show us yr pics on the new desk okay.

Cheqna said...

mmm...what a cool gift for ur Mama's guilt..

may be u shld make her feel guilty more often..haha..


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
That's me in the second pix! Yoohoo.... purrr...meow!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

You've known my Mama for ages...she's not easy to please and in the same breath, not easy to make her feel guilty too...purrr...meow!