Monday, November 7, 2011


First things first. Wishing everyone Eid-ul-Adha, regardless of faith, race or gender.

Anyway, by the time you read this, my hoomans would have flown halfway to Queensland as the slaughter of animals at the abattoir will only take place on Monday. They are going to Gympie, somewhere in the hinterland of Queensland to perform the ritual. Unfortunately, my siblings and I had to stay at home due to border issues....

Sunday morning saw us at a shelter for orphans, poor kids and single mothers in Olak Lempit, almost an hour drive from home. Mama's office had arranged for a TV station to cover a qurban (sacrifice) ritual at the shelter. There were some cows and goats to be slaughtered. It's for a reality show called Ustazah Pilihan (chosen female teacher??? - not sure if I have translated correctly) and this particular episode will appear this Thursday. If you're a subscriber of Astro, tune in to Astro Oasis Channel 106, Thursday 9pm. I'm not really sure if they have web streaming as this is a paid channel, not free to air.

I won't show the gory pictures of the slaughter. Just some general shots, OK?

All the information you need about the event.
Our staff and volunteers on duty. Notice the sharp knives??
One of the contestants being filmed.
The current line-up. They are down to the last six now.
"You know who" and the Principal of the reality show.
Most of the meat were packed and distributed to the needy in the area. (Ignore the exposed meat on the left.)

Angelina's note: As it is quite difficult to get free wifi/broadband service in Australia, blogging activity may slow down considerably. Should be back in action after Thursday. purrrr...meow!


nurmisnan said...

Salam Aidil Adha untuk angelina n family
Aunty Nur raya monday... =)

Sandy said...

Lol , there's a reality show on everything now, amazing. Have fun there Angelina ! Happy Idul Adha too ! Come back soon ^^

CS said...

Hope to get a glimpse of your mama on tv :-)

Ellen Whyte said...

no Starbucks in Oz? Interesting! Happy Idul Adha.

Lee said...

Hi Cat, hey, you in Malaysia or Australia? I also not sure.
Anyway, who is that "guess who"?
Sister? auntie, SIL, FBI? Ha ha ha.

You know, I will not eat any meat, be it chicken or whatever if I see it being killed.
Only if I don't see.
You enjoy have a grate week.

Tamago said...

Oh it's cool your mom got involved in the tv show! Although I'm scared to see the gurban ritual, I like learning different cultures.