Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Middle Kingdom (updated)

Latest on the Socceroos:
We won but we lost. Yeah, we defeated Serbia 2-1 but couldn't make it to second round. Although Ghana lost to Germany, they scored more goals overall (both the Socceroos and Ghana obtained 4 points while Germany tops the group with 6 points). Boohoohoo...!!! This cat's not happy at all. Let's hope my other team (New Zealand) will fare better. The decider games will be at the wee hours of tomorrow (tonight in South Africa). Say a little prayer for the Kiwis!!!

My Mama says it's not good that I'm spending too much time watching soccer at night as it makes me sleepy during the day. She also says she's pretty sure I'll be as fat as a goose soon for being a couch potato and nobody would want to become my fiancee, especially Angelina., what do I do now?

Option 1: Slap Angelina so she'll wake up from her hibernation and then she'll chase me around the house. Good exercise, that one. We'll climb up the balcony, kitchen cabinet, Mama's wardrobe, bunk bed, dinner table etc. The downside is, when I tried that, she wouldn't even bat an eyelid. She just peer at me using one half-opened eye and then turned the other way. Mission aborted.

Option 2: Go for a walk in the neighbourhood, which includes going to the corner shop to buy some sticks of Magnum. The downside is, only Dad would agree to this scheme as he loves Magnum too. He's away at the moment and Mama just refuse to touch the ice cream. I can't go out alone...there are nasty dogs that eat cats around (actually I don't know if this is true). Mission impossible.

So, I opt for Option 3. Which is, armchair travelling (coz I don't want to go out in the cold, duh!).... har har har... I'm trying to persuade Mama to take me skiing in New Zealand. While doing my research, found this stack of photos of Christchurch, South Island, that makes me drool.... She'll surely agree to this. I'm pretty sure of it. Look at the wonder the country has been chosen as location for so many movies including my favourites - The Lord of the Rings and Avatar. Mission possible?

Lovely square in the middle of Christchurch. Remember that we could get yummy kebab there, Mama?

Aah...the giant chess board and pieces. Remember how we played in the drizzle, Dad?

The tourism centre was chockful of useful information. This is where we can get info about the best skiing field around here.

The art gallery was Dad's favourite place of all. Who knows, one day, we get to display all his artwork there.

OMG! We sooo love this tram that goes round and round the city.

Mama gets some serious discounts at the souvenir shop when she starts conversing in pidgin Japanese with the staff there...har har har *winks*

The Bridge of Remembrance marks one of the entries to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

Punting on the river Avon....if you're lucky, the boatman will even sing for you.

A magnificent ginko biloba tree...laden with fruits. Mama thought of picking some to take home but the thought of being fined $200 at the Sydney Airport deterred her.

Don't do it, Dad. Only cats are allowed to jump on trees.

Oh.. Mama. We couldn't bring those pots of primula home too.

A brave orange rose - all alone against the cold weather. Wait for spring OK?

This row of giant pine trees was truly magnificent.

You can't be serious, Dad. Next trip: South Pole?

Don't be duped, people. I write about New Zealand because their soccer team is faring better than the Aussies. Man...they could held off Italy at 1-1 until the last whistle. If not for the penalty, Italy would have lost and be shamed.

Honestly, I'm still in World Cup mode. Go Kiwi!!!! har har har *evil laughs*


Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

wahh..u have changed ur tune..what happened to Soccerroos? least I stick to England even thou they hv played badly so far (baik hantar Man Utd je...hehehe..).

Nice photos (err..why is she hiding behind that flower pot?)...i wish i could go there n ronda2 with ur mama b4 she decides to come back here..


Cheqna said...

p/s..i love that new pose of yours :-)

Naz in Norway said...

NZ is geographically rather similar to NO. So if you can't go to NZ, you come to NO and all of us will scream YES :)

kay_leeda said...

Angie pls tell Brad that we know it's not NZ his hinting Mama & Dad to go to. His heart is now in JoBurg, longing to cheer his home team. Hoping that they'll do better *ehem...boleh ke??*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

You like my new pose? Bukan Beckham je boleh jadi model.... We are still with Socceroos but in case they lose tomorrow and not go to 2nd round, we have to find an alternative. We'll stick to teams from southern hemisphere like NZ, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina or Uruguay. South Africa also can-lah. har har har *evil laughs*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Naz,
Similar but not the same. NZ is just 3 hours away, NO is like half a world away. But those buns of yours look so tempting. Can you make them with inti karipap? yummm... har har har *evil laughs*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Kay,
Where have you been? Angelina's hibernating so I'm...ehem...solo here. Anyway, the 40-m vietnamese silk question is: boleh ke? har har har *evil laughs*

Wan Sharif said...

Nice pictures..
Ayoh Wang dok noho sampa lagi ke Aus atau NZ.. bulih tengok gambo pon jadi lah..

~CovertOperations78~ said...

I loved Christchurch! Only it's so c-c-c-c-c-cold there! I went in November 2003. I remember the trees in the park, the public art installations, that torch-like monument, the trams, the boats on the River Avon, the University, everything! Love the place! Pity your Mama couldn't bring those beautiful flowers home!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
I'll put up as many pictures as possible, OK? We love travelling, in and outside the country. Eh, kan Air Asia ada? You can get really cheap tickets sometimes. har har har *evil laughs*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

It was colder when we went as it was the beginning of winter. November is actually in spring over here. Mama and Dad were contemplating retiring there but Sydney is where the heart is. I really love that could walk and walk without realising that five hours have gone. har har har *evil laughs*

Monyet King said...

Cat, NZ is too cold for the monyets.... so you won't find us there.

p.s. I really like your style of writing

Pi Bani said...

You wanna go skiing? You may end up as a snowball... with another snowball (with Angelina in it) chasing from behind...

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Pi,
Furball...not snowball... har har har *evil laughs*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Your Royal Highness,
Are you sure? Not even in the zoo? As for the writing style...ehem...didn't I tell you am more talented than Angelina? har har har *evil laughs*

Zendra-Maria said...

Cat, first impression from the pics - Christchurch is sparsely populated by humans dontcha think? I may be able to increase it by 3 or 4 in November... hehe

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
Very very sparsely populated. Imagine, the entire NZ population is four million - that's less people than Sydney. Guess it's more that there are more sheep than humans down there. har har har *evil laughs*

Anonymous said...

Brad, maybe.. just maybe, if you get yourself a vuvuzela and blow it into some hibernating female's ears, she would start chasing you around again and you will get the exercise you desperately need *har har har* evil laugh!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Andrea dear,
I've tried the vuvuzela thingy. Doesn't work on this very stubborn girl. The more you provoke her, the more she ignores you. har har har *evil laughs*

TK said...

Sorry that Socceroos couldnt make it to the second round...

Oh..NewZealand is such a beautiful country! Hope you manage to pursuade your mama dear!!!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

TK Sensei,
I'm so so upset....but what can I do? Oh well...hope for the best for 2014. NZ is beautiful... I think Mama's counting her money... said she has to make sure she has enough to buy catfood too after the trip. I think she's blackmailing me, in a way. har har har *evil laughs*

Pat said...

Hiya Brad,

Thanks for the lovely pix! But why was your mama hiding behind the beautiful flowers?!

So sorry to hear about your Socceroos!But you don't seem to be minding too much - and you look super cool with that NZ thingy you have draped over you!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Pat,
Mama says she doesn't want to steal the thunder from either Angelina or I. Lest people beg her to pose for more... har har har *evil laughs*
Anyway, I'm a practical boy. The world doesn't revolve around the Socceroos. And if the Kiwis lose tonight's match, oh well...there's always Argentina.