Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is It The Heat?

Can extreme heat make people go cuckoo? Mama seems to think so. She's terribly upset that a man threw her 4-yr old daughter off the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. It was a 58m fall, not even a cat can survive that. Despite the best efforts of paramedics, the girl died. The father? Greatly distressed and not of sound mind, said the TV reporters.
Melbourne is in the southern state of Victoria and has been suffering from an extreme heat wave where temperatures rose to 40oC plus. They even had to close the roof at the Rod Laver Arena where the millionaire tennis players suffered from fatigue and extreme dehydration. Adelaide in South Australia is also experiencing the same. Many people have died due to the heat, old people mostly.
Thus, my deduction is, blame it on the weather. Maybe the father of that girl was having a headache because of the heat as he was driving along the bridge. The 3 little kids he had in the car were perhaps making heaps of noise, fighting or what. The father would have said, if you don't stop I'll throw you down the bridge. Perhaps the girl didn't stop talking, perhaps she was excited that it was her first day at pre-school, perhaps she screamed at her brothers not to tease her...perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...What really happened could be anybody's guess.
But what did happen was this father stopped his car in the middle of busy traffic, dragged her out of the car, and threw her down. Witnesses said nobody could stop him as it happened so fast. Of course, many people also questioned how come Melbourne's tallest bridge doesn't have safety fencing or barrier at the side. Perhaps the architects, engineers, whoever was responsible didn't think anybody would try something like this.

What can I say? Crazy humans! When the heat gets too much, do as I do. Sleep on the floor! I'm lucky as Mama's floor is all tiles so it's very cool even on a scorching day. Or, park yourself in front of the air-conditioner. Mama has this mobile A/C that works wonders for me. Just like the electric blanket does during winter.
And, please people, don't kill your own kids.

Brad and I enjoying our summer siesta the old fashioned way...on the floor!

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