Monday, February 2, 2009

Mama's Travels

My Mama travels a lot, within and outside of Australia. Sometimes she flies, sometimes she drives.
I love travelling in the car. Brad doesn't, he's noisy and complains a lot. Even on the 2-minute drive to the vet.
Recently Mama took us to a farm. Get to know the country, she said. OK, so we've been cooped up in our small 2-bedroom unit and a good 8-hour drive would do us good.
The farm is in a tiny town called Donald in Victoria. Must say it was a revelation wandering around acres and acres of farmland. And there were so many types of animals too. I especially like the alpacas, a cross between camels and llamas, handsome devils they are. There were goats, sheep, and humongous exotic birds with blue eggs too.
Then there were the plants - wheat, barley, lentil, millet. I don't know much about the grain but I love munching the leaves. I find the barley plant quite tasty...much like cat grass we have at home.

Baa baa black sheep....

Barley plant upclose..not cat food, duh!

No way I'm letting Mama adopt that kid! Goats stink.

Cute alpacas...handsome animals!


Aimy Bazura Mohamed said...

Yeah.. the Alcapas are sure cute!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

it's alpaca aunty aimy! not alcapa! meow meow meow!