Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama's Travels 2

My Mama went to Bali! I resented her going because this was one trip that she couldn't take me. Brad and I had to stay with Dr T.
Bali is a famous holiday island in Indonesia. Mama went with Dad in search of the famous Balinese cats. Lucky she didn't bring any home...thank God for Australia's strict quarantine laws...lest I'll have too many unwanted feline companions.
My Mama opines that Bali is an over rated holiday spot. It's too touristy, too may Aussies, she said. No stone has been been left unturned it seems. It's a place she'll not visit ever ever again.

Feline figurines - a must buy - and must bargain!

Balinese dancer - a must see - the show was too long though and you may lose interest after the 3rd scene.

Seafood lovers at Jimbaran waiting for the sunset!

Sunset at Jimbaran unfortunately didn't live up to its reputation.

The corn seller - now, his bbq corn was yummy...

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