Friday, February 27, 2009

Pingu in Trouble

We got word that Pingu fell off the balcony yesterday. He seemed OK, had done X-ray, stitches and stuffs. Uncle Is said he's resting and can't play for the time being. Ginger must be feeling lonely without his companion for a while. My Mama says we'll go visit him, bring him flowers and tuna...poor Pingu...
I don't like him much coz whenever I stay at their house, he tried to "mount" me. Doofus! He's had the snip snip! Mama usually send Brad and I to stay at Uncle Is and Auntie If's place if she's gone for long. To Dr T if she's gone for a couple of days.
I will update on Pingu's condition. Must have hurt, it's a 4-storey block!

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