Thursday, February 5, 2009

Australian History 101

Mama says I have to know the history of my homeland. So I'll begin with the recent celebration of Australia Day, January 26, first declared in the year 1870. The Aborigines, who were the original Australians wanted it be called Invasion Day instead as that was when the British colonial masters declared ownership of this land.
Not far from where we live is a suburb called Kurnell, about half an hour drive. This is where Captain Cook first landed when he "discovered" Australia many many moons ago. On April 28, 1770 to be exact. A monument was erected in his honour. Now, reading the writings on the plaques, two natives were shot by Capt Cook's crew before they landed here. Why can't they also erect a monument in their honour? We would never know if they even survived the gunshot wound.
Nevertheless, I like this spot as it's in a forest reserve now. Full of really really old pine trees, some would have witnessed what really happened that day. If only trees could talk...or blog...meow meow meow...A nice spot for picnic too.

The monument blocking the pine trees' view of the harbour

My attempt at taking artistic rock and water image

The monument from the front

Tribute to a dead tree.

Read the plaque.

Actual spot of landing.

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