Friday, February 6, 2009

Get to Know Me Better

Hiya peeps! Do you notice that I've always been talking about other stuffs but not much of myself? Let me remedy that.
I am a cat. Never doubt that. My name is Angelina Jolie, as a tribute to the Hollywood Star. I live in Sydney, Australia, in one of the suburbs, not in the city proper.
I won't give you my home address but suffice to say it's a home I share with my Mama and my pet, Brad Pitt. He's feline like me.
I love sleeping, playing,spanking Brad if he annoys me, cool winter night, snuggle up with Mama, looking at the world from up high, eating grass....
Things I hate: manicure, pedicure, food with liver bits, hot summer days...
Any questions? Tell your people to speak to my people...

Take me shopping anytime! I am, after all, a girl...

Guess what's my favourite brand of cat food?

Me on the massage chair.

The flower pot makes a nice snoozing spot too.

View from the window - on a rainy day.

I simply love looking out from the window. We live on the top floor. Can you see me?

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