Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mama's Other Family

Introducing...Mama's other family. Lucky they live overseas so I don't have to deal with too many felines under one roof. Phew!
I was browsing through Mama's digital album and saw millions of their pictures. From what I can see, they seem to like to sleep...zzzz....I know that my Mama prefers to be called MamaTom as Tom is her first love. But, it doesn't matter. I know I'm the favourite. Though I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that both Brad and I have some kind of resemblance to Tom. Hmmm....meow!

Tom Cruise - king of zzzzz....

Nicole Kidman - Tom's faithful partner

Michael Schumacher - Tom & Nicole's son

Nikka Lauda aka The Koala - Tom & Nicole's daughter

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