Friday, May 15, 2015

Whose Birthday Is It Today?

 Friday, 15 May 2015. Sofea Jane is one year old. time flies.....
Will Mama bake a cake? Hmmmmm.....

Monday, May 11, 2015

She was stolen?

The she with a he name.
Was mama's favourite among all who live in a shelter.
A recent visit revealed that she no longer lives there.
Someone had taken or stolen her.

Hmmm....why is it when a stray is skinny or full of fungus or dirty, no one except for a few exceptional souls would take him/her in? Once he/she is healthy especially the good looking ones, there'll be people queueing up to want and to some extend, steal them? No wonder mama tells me to stay indoors all the time....because I'm worth it?

Monday morning thoughts,
Sofea Jane

Friday, May 8, 2015

When there's hope, there's always a way...
or so my Mama says...

The story of my mother, Hope Elise Lange

Slightly more than a year ago, my Mama heard a kitty crying loudly. It came from a recently emptied unit underneath ours. Of course she went to investigate.
Mama found a skinny tabby and without hesitation, took her home. The tabby was very hungry and didn't stop eating. She ate and ate and ate and Mama thought, hmmm...she's fat now. So, took her to the V-E-T for the usual health check and whatever they usually do at that place. 
However, when Mama asked the evil one when they could book a date for neutering, the evil one laughed. And said, no way, ma'am. Don't you realise that she's pregnant? So, that's how I know nobody knows who my biological Dad is and my mom Hope won't tell either. 
Did I tell you that when I was born, mom Hope refused to let me suckle her? Of course Mama intervened. She took us into her bedroom, closed the door, and held mom Hope so she couldn't run away as I suckle away.....

To be continued....

The storyteller,

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: It's Sofea's birthday month

Once upon a time
Angelina owns this space
Nine years is a long time
She can't maintain the pace

Take heart
Here comes Sofea
She'll blog from the heart
No favour or fear

(so much for wordless....hehehe!)