Monday, March 23, 2009

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered

Brad is still pining...for Auntie Amal!
Well, four of Mama's friends from her home country came to visit recently. Three singles and one taken.
Of course I call them all aunties as they are, after all, Mama's friends. Must respect the elderly, right?
I was also basking in glory, of being spoilt by the four aunties. Brad, the more (as usual!) Anyway, they stayed for two weeks. He is now suffering from depression and showing withdrawal symptoms. Mama says he needs counseling. I would suggest sending him to Uncle Is and Auntie If's place. Let him stay with Pingu and Ginger. He'll be so busy making other felines' life miserable that he'll forget Auntie Amal, eventually. As for me, I'd rather stay at home when it's all quiet. Not that I'm anti-social but I prefer to have undivided attention from my Mama. I will write about Mama and her friends' travel next time.

The four aunties at an apple orchard in Bilpin. L-R: Auntie Aimy, Auntie Amal, Auntie Hafs & Auntie Anoi.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

About Pingu

We went to visit Pingu. The poor sod. I hope he's learned his lesson. You don't climb balcony railings if you're overweight, you may fall. And it's a very painful fall.
Aunty If said the vets gave him the thumbs up. Besides some obvious nose bleeding and limping, he's otherwise fine.
We didn't bring him flowers. We brought him KFC instead. Pingu seems cranky, he must still be in pain. I wish him well.

Pingu all bandaged and in pain

This is Ginger, Pingu's mate