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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Blue-Eyed Bombshell

Many many moons ago, as I was reaching puberty, my Mama told me that she's picked a wife for me. Well, it wasn't as if I have any say in the matter but as a matter of courtesy, "I'm just informing you," she claimed.

I wasn't very fussy too knowing my Mama would have selected a suitable bride for me. Just like how she's so fussy in choosing our food and litter material. Sometimes I wonder who's really the fussypot, her or us.

Nicole Kidman, that's her name. My Mama said she's from within the family too. She (Nicole) belongs to my Mama's nephew who was off to college then. I never even knew how she'd look like. Mama said she was pretty. With big blue eyes! Whoa! That set my adrenaline pumping....

We've been married for more than five years now. It may have been an arranged marriage but must say the union has been more than satisfactory. It's going to be the kids' fifth birthday soon. Their birth was the celebration of our love...A marriage made in heaven.

Wouldn't you want to be hooked with her? Those gorgeous blue eyes....

Isn't she lovely....? Seductive too.

Foreplay....teeheehee...she was very playful then. Still is.

This is how Nicole behaved after our "procreation" sessions...aaahhh....

As a responsible father, I had to make sure that the Queen and kittens were OK. We don't want to get into trouble later on, do we?

Nicole and the brood. A tad disappointed that none of them look like me but I guess since Nicole is the more dominant partner in this marriage, oh well....

Everyone was still slim then with Nicole keeping record or everyone's weight.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's Exercise!

My Mama gets upset when our vet told her we're all overweight. She was told that we need to exercise more.

She brought home a humongous box and asked Dad to help her put it up. We were all curious, of course. Later, after much ruckus, and Dad had to get Uncle A to help him, we saw a green cat tree in the living room. Interesting looking sculpture, I thought. That happened the weekend before last.

Then, yesterday, Mama made a big fuss about how nobody bothers to "use" the tree. Ouw...Mama...don't be a pain. lazy getting out of bed.... stretch...stretch...stretch....zzzz...there I was enjoying a lie-in with Michael. We love Mama's bedroom (it has A/C) and bed too...

"Tom, Michael, everyone, get up! Come exercise. Peel off your tail from wherever you are." Mama in her stern voice interrupting my siesta.

Nikki, get out of that sink! Come join me!

I had to do my job as head of the family. Rallying all my family members. I'm not going to venture into this alone, right?

Yours truly sniffing out the scratching post while Nikki climbs to the top. She's quite...errr...agile, my daughter, despite her rather heavy self.

Nikki is the one who uses the gadget the most. Guess she's not afraid of height. lovely wife Nicole, definitely in her element. She's the slimmest in the family.

Oh, by the way, the en masse exercise thingy lasted about five minutes....teeheehee

After all those sweating around, a quiet time with Dad is much welcomed. hmmmm...nothing is more comfy than this.

Michael? He didn't even bother getting up. Lazy bum!