Friday, May 10, 2013

Malaysiana: A Fruit with Many Names

Roadside stalls are aplenty wherever you travel in Malaysia. Many of them are interesting if you care to stop and snoop.

Stuck in a traffic jam going up the hills of Cameron Highlands, we decided to cool off the car's engine and our parched throat with some exotic looking fruits. It's a kind of coconut that's said to have medicinal properties. Read about these fruits here. (OK, use Google translate if you must). Popularly know as African sea coconut, this fruit is also called tal, lontar and many others. Anyway, whatever its name is, we looooove it.

Just suck on the straw to draw out the sweet juice, then use a spoon to take the flesh out. yummmm.... 
Tal galore! Prices start from RM5 to RM15, depending on size. Or you can buy the ready made drink at just RM2 per cup. Oooh...we're talking about the darker coloured fruits at the bottom.
Another view of the fruits on display. We were told that these fruits come from the northern part of Perak.
The affable seller has amazing knife skill. 
Who's the crowd puller? Many people also stopped at this stall.
Angelina's note: An exotic fruit a day keeps the doctor away. purrrr....meow!