Saturday, April 30, 2011

Speechless on Saturday: Brad's Revenge

Get it?
Angelina's Note: He's upset I hardly give him any blogging time. Too bad, Brad. This blog is mine. purrr....meow!

Friday, April 29, 2011

William, How Could You????

I wrote about him when he came to Sydney early last year. You can read about it here.

But he's changed his heart and got engaged to "Waity Katie" in October last year. And they're getting married today. Not good that the TV people are going to show your wedding live tonight. Should I watch? tiny heart is broken. Into a gazillion pieces!

How can this two-legged furless woman..... (pix: Uncle Google) compared to this ultra furry sexy feline bombshell?
Angelina's note: I hate it that Kate gets to wear Diana's sapphire ring. And I don't care what dress she's gonna wear today. I heard that she made three. What a spendthrift! If you had chosen me, I'll break the record as the only royal married in the nude. Won't the pawpawrazzi have heaps of fun? That's a feline's prerogative....being naked all the time. Hey, saves you loads of money. Imagine if I become the fashion icon instead of Kate....all fur and no clothes....and I look (a gazillion time) better naked.
And, oooh.... William, I'm not returning the matching sapphire pendant you gave me, OK? I look good wearing it. It's the only memento I have of you now that you no longer want me. teeheehee! purrr....meow!

Her ring now! (pix: Uncle Google)
Regal I not the more fitting princess? Imagine this picture adorning the wall at Buckingham Palace. 
I won't forgive you, William. Ever. I'm keeping that matching pendant.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Elusive Sunset

Betung 1: Very mild wow factor.
Betung 2: Slightly better as the sun goes lower on the horizon.
Betung 3: I like that shimmer on the water effect.
Ferringhi 1: Just a red dot in the horizon.
Ferringhi 2: Red dot dimming fast.
Ferringhi 3: Red dot gone but reddish/orangey tinge lingers.
First location - Kampung Sungai Betung, southwest of Penang Island, facing Straits of Malacca - shots taken using Mama's Leica DSLR, no tripod, 420mm zoom lens.
Second location - Bayusenja, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, facing Andaman Sea - shots taken using Dad's Nikon DSLR, no tripod, 250mm zoom lens.

Angelina's note: Mama and Dad better improve on their photography skills lest I refuse to tag along when they're off to the middle of nowhere (like that first location). The photography session in Ferringhi was done before we had dinner with my furrriends in the area. purrr....meow!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A bit messy presentation wise....but it's home cooked and yummy!
It's been a while since I've entered any food/cooking posting. Last weekend we boiled some beef bits for hours and made a yummy broth and it became a yummy Vietnamese Pho. People say, the measure of any decent Vietnamese restaurant is in its offering of Pho. We have yet to check out any Vietnamese restaurant in town. But since we have the ingredients in the pantry and fridge, why not make our own? Mama befriended some nice Vietnamese Australian aunties in the suburb we used to stay in Sydney, who taught us some fabulous recipes like Pho and Ga Xao Sa Ot. We've blogged about Ga Xao Sa Ot yonks ago (just use the search button on the right column.)

Check out the history of Pho here. It is fascinating. Check out the recipe we used here. I'm too lazy to use my paws for any cut and paste job....teeheehee....purrrrr....meow!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Blues: Kitty Family Meeting

It's not easy being the Queen of this lot. Holding a meeting is almost impossible. But I need everyone to agree to the new law of the house, establishing new pecking order and all that. I don't want to be accused of being a dictator. I'm trying very hard to practise democracy.

Angelina: Order! Order! Everyone, please participate in this meeting. It's about to begin. Pay attention....purrrlease.
Michael: Angelina, I think we need to establish on who's going on dishwashing duty first. We can't have a meeting with dirty dishes lying around.
Nikki: Oh...I'd rather be shopping. Need to put  the groceries away first.
Tom and Nicole: We'd rather stay in bed and do what most couples do...groom each other. What were you thinking?
Brad: This is all too much for me. Am I still a slave?

Angelina's note: I rest my case. Nobody is paying attention. From now on, I'll just dish out commandments. I'll be a dictator from now on. Thus, the new pecking order is as follows:
1. Top Cat aka Queen - Angelina
2. Toppled Top Cat aka Fat Cat - King Tom
3. Toppled Queen - Consort Nicole
4. Still Crown Prince - Michael
5. Still Crown Princess aka The Koala - Nikki
6. Former slave, now family - Brad.
I did it my way..... purrr....meow! oohh... har har har *evil laughs*

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Siesta Interrupted

Angelina: Wake up guys! Help Mama with the laundry. All those need folding. Hurry up. Chop! Chop!
Tom: Angelina, you're so bossy. Dad never ask us to do housework.
Angelina: Well, it's the new regime now. Earn your keep.
Tom: OK, OK. Get off my case. We'll do it. Happy?

Angelina: Good. See, there's more space on the bed now that the clothes been folded.
Nikki: I hate doing the laundry. It's backbreaking work and our nap interrupted. Why can't Mama and Dad just "wear" fur like us?
Angelina: Yeah...I wonder too. Will save us heaps of money, all those spent on washing machine, detergent, water, electricity can be put to better use.
Nikki: Agreed. They should spend the money on us instead. More kibbles and treats. Hey, where's Michael gone to? He didn't help.
The snoopervisor giving instructions from top of the wardrobe. That's Mike snoozing on the black suitcase. Lazy boy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminiscence on Friday: My First Blog Entry

This was my first entry for The Meow Factor - in December 2006. 

We cats are a boring lot, I tell you. What do I do all day long? Well, let me rephrase that...what does my human (she calls herself Mama) expects me to do when I'm alone at home?

Frankly, I don't know what other cats do but I have been spending my time intelligently. My day would start by licking Mama's face to wake her up at sunrise. Easy to do on weekdays but quite a chore on weekends coz she likes to "sleep in a bit" she said. Then I led her to the kitchen where she will feed me, put fresh water in the bowl and clean my toilet. There were days when she forgets or too lazy to do the poo scooping though. That irks me and I'll show my displeasure in the most unpleasant way. I gave her a "present" in the kitchen sink! Teeheehee...She's learned her lesson.

I should applaud Mama for her efforts in keeping me happy. She has this book called Cat Owner's Manual and has been burying her nose in it. Must have been puzzled when I acted on the contrary, unlike what the author of that book wrote.

Oops...I've digressed. Back to my routine...

I'll do the necessary sending Mama to the door as she leaves the house for work. Will not fail to give a pathetic "don't leave me alone" look, just to make sure she comes home in time for my evening meal.

After she's gone...jeng jeng's nap time...aargh....what a bliss....I'll put my head on Mama's pillow and stretch myself on her bed. I need to conserve energy for the evening...that's when I'll make Mama play with me...just love those balls and fishing thingy....

Aahhh...what a life....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mama's Labour of Love

She could have just given me an empty box to play with. Instead, Mama created a work of art that comes with painted jungle scene and butterflies. The whole family is enjoying it now. Thank you, Mama! purrrr.....meow!

Yes! It's  green....just like a jungle. I call it Angelina's Condo.
I've tried it for size. QC passed!
My bro Tom tries it for size too. OK, QC passed, he concurred. If it can fit Tom, it can fit everybody else.

Musical Thursday: Ear/Eye Candy

This is what I'm listening to at the moment. Am not sharing the whole album but only my favourite song. (copyright owned by Polydor)

Sing along with me. Here are the lyrics:

Standing, on the edge of forever,
At the start of whatever,
Shouting love at the world.
Back then, we were like cavemen,
We'd beam at the moon and the stars,
Then we forgave them.

We will meet you where the lights are,
The defenders, of the faith we are.
Where the thunder turns around they'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away.

You know no one dies, in these love town lies,
Through our love drowned eyes, we'll watch you sleep tonight.

Although no one understood we were holding back the flood,
Learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood they said we'd never dance again.

Bleeding, but none of us leaving,
Watch your mouth son or you'll find yourself floating home.
Here we come now on a dark star, seeing demons, not what we are.
Tiny minds and eager hands hands will try to strike but now will end today.

There's progress now where there once was none, where there once was ah, then everything came along.

Although no one understood, we were holding back the flood learning how to dance the rain.
There was more of them than us now they'll never dance again.

Although no one understood there was more of them than us learning how to dance the rain, We were holding back the flood they said we'd never dance again.

We will meet you where the lights are,
The defenders, of the faith we are.
Where the thunder turns around they'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away.

Although no one understood, there was more of them than us learning how to dance the rain.
(learning how to dance the rain)
There was more of them than us now they'll never dance again.

Now we'll never dance again.

Oh ahh, Oh ahh, Oh ahh, Oh ahh, Oh aah, Oh ahh, Oh ahh...

Angelina's note: Oh ahh, Oh ahh, Oh ahh, Oh ahh, Oh aah, Oh ahh, Oh ahh... purrrr....meow!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Furrriends @ Ferringhi

If ever you travel to Penang (especially you Uncle!), purrrlease go visit some furrriends I've made at Batu Feringghi. You don't have to carry kibbles or Royal Fancy Feast in your luggage. Just go to a beachside foodcourt named Kompleks Bayusenja (there's a side road leading to the public beach next to Park Royal) and patronise a drinks stall run by a very nice uncle. Sorry, I didn't ask for his name but this uncle has a very distinctive moustache so let's call him Uncle Moustache, OK? We discovered him by accident when we ate seafood at a stall next to his and had to order drinks from him.

While we were having dinner, several cats came to say hello. Dad gave them some fish but they refused to eat. Hmmm....upon closer inspection, the cats seem well-fed. What they enjoyed most was Dad's magic touch....he was generous with the head rubs and about tender loving care....I was seething with jealousy, OK?

We chatted up Uncle Moustache when we paid the bill for the drinks. Apparently, he's been feeding 13 cats in the area and spends like RM30 a day to give them fresh fish. Isn't he wonderful? We also saw the seafood stall kitchen staff feeding some of the cats. Ooohh...what a life. Beach living with plenty of fresh seafood.... Hmmm...I wonder if any of them has ever been to the vet?

These guys were very active...but camera shy. Lovely toots there, people!
This black and white beauty sleeping on the floor of Uncle Moustache's stall....totally oblivious to the noisy surrounding.
Uncle Moustache (in red and white striped shirt) attending to a customer. New born kittens in a box at his feet.
This black beauty enjoying fish head.
This tabby queen just gave birth. Uncle Moustache kept an eye on the kittens while mummy cat gets tender loving care from strangers. That's Dad's hand doing his magic!
Mr Ginger and Mr Bi-Colour having dinner near kitchen of seafood stall.
Angelina's note: The next time we're there, we'll definitely buy drinks from Uncle Moustache. We applaud your generosity, uncle. purrrr....meow!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleeping Predicament Solved!!!

Told y'all I'd take over the household. I'm top cat now! Don't ask me how I did it. Dominance is important in a household of multiple cats. har har har *evil laughs*

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Physio was an intelligent boy. After doing a physiotherapy course abroad for 3 years, he returned home and set up a clinic in his hometown.
He asked a designer to make a new name plate to be hung on the wall outside the clinic. The next morning, when he went to his clinic, he was pleased to find that the name plate was already put up. But he was greatly annoyed by the wordings on the plate: TUKANG URUT. He went to the designer and took him to task.
"How can you insult my profession? 'Tukang Urut' means masseur in Malay. I am a physiotherapist and not a masseur! Make sure you change the name right now! And see that the word is spelt correctly!" Physio said angrily.
The designer apologized and promised to make the change immediately. Without further delay, he proceed to change the name but found that the word "physiotherapist' was too long. So he broke it up into three words to make it easier to read.
The next morning, Physio hit the roof when he saw the new name. On the name plate were written: PHYSIO THE RAPIST

Sorry Abang Epi. I can't resist. Jangan marah...arrrr?

We celebrated my handsome Abang Epi's birthday at a Thai restaurant in Shah Alam (girls who can cook Thai, please take note) on Saturday night. We had scrumptious dinner and a cappucino cheese cake for dessert. Yummm....

Abang Epi and his Mama.
I baked this cappucino cheese cake for Abang Epi (using Mama's purse, of course!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

He's 26 Today, Still Single & Available

I'm talking about that handsome bloke in green, my cousin Noor Hafifi who was born on this day in 1986. He's going to graduate in physiotherapy come June. I hope he'll land a great job at a great place (hospitals, medical centres, clinics etc),  gets to fulfill his dream of further studies in his field, earns tons of money so that he can buy me kibbles and the occasional treats, and then get a great girl who could become a great wife and helps expand the family.

I'm accepting applications from anyone who wants to become his employer or his wife (or parents-in-law). Just email me (check my profile, it's there). We're non-discriminating so don't ask for criteria list. Oh, he loves cats too. Nicole was his before coming to live with Mama. He couldn't take her to the university's hostel because of (stupid!!!) "no pets" rule. He looks better without those facial hair. Told him only cats can have fur on their face. Not humans. They'll look silly.


Angelina's note: This photo was taken at the happy occasion of my cousin Noorul Hidayah's (in white dress) engagement party. She is Noor Hafifi's younger sister. I'm not accepting applications for her. She's already working and taken. Wedding bells? year it seems. purrrr....meow!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Durian Eating Cat????

This pregnant blue-eyed beauty hopped onto the table as we were about to partake the odious flesh of the King of Fruits. The dilemma was to offer or not to offer her the fruits? Problem solved when she opted to lick Mama's fingers instead. I was jealous too. She looks well-fed and clean too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At the Edge of Forever....

I promised I would finish the story about our "move" from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. Lucky I have pawpawrazzi for pawrents so there's pictorial record. Coming from Australia, we didn't need to be contained or quarantined. Phew!!! Oh, having regular vet checks and updated medical records help a lot, OK? Thank God for fussy pawrents (in my case...teeheehee!)

This is a step by step account of the procedure that Mama and Dad had to go through.

Step 1: Obtain import permit from the Department of Veterinary Services, remember to submit full and updated medical records of felines. Animals must be transported within one month of approval date. Pay RM5 for each cat.

Step 2: Contact professional pet transport company. Attach original import permit and medical records  with booking form. Transfer payment upon invoice. Mama chose Jetpets after contacting and getting quotations from several service providers.

Step 3: Once obtained confirmed date of travel from transport company, make arrangements for pickup of cats.

Step 4: Transport company informed of actual travel, plus contact numbers of corresponding agent at destination.

Step 5: Claim cats at airport.

Mama and Dad had to get a pass to enter the Free Trade and Customs Zone to claim us. The process took a while as they had to wait for a fax to be sent from the cargo section. This is to ensure that whatever Mama and Dad wanted to do was legitimate.
Fax received, visitor's pass obtained, wrist tagged - all set to go past the checkpoint at the Customs' Complex.
Mama and Dad had to pass through a tunnel, passed under an overhead bridge, made several U-turns and passed a few checkpoints before reaching this place where we were waiting for them.
Mama was checking to make sure that it was really Brad and I....who knows if someone switched us somewhere en route, eh? Brad was whining a lot!!!! He was quiet before he saw Mama. Spoilt brat!
Mama had to complete more paperwork at the Customs, Vet Services and Wildlife departments. Said she had to conduct transactions at three different floors, took about two hours in total. We waited with Dad in the car. It was OK, there was air-conditioning and Dad made us watch American Idol, to kill time.... duh! Felt like furrrrever!
Serious! We just came in from Australia, to Malaysia, and our first introduction to Malaysian TV was to watch American Idol. Hilarious, Dad!
Introduction to the family! We finally reached our new home way past midnight. Everyone was awake to welcome us. Curiosity definitely didn't kill the cats (yet). Wait till they get to know the real me. har har har *evil laughs*
My old view from the balcony.
My new view from the balcony. Still lives on top floor.
Angelina's note: Adapting to new life won't be too hard, I hope. purrrr.....meow!