Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hankering for the Outdoors

Except for that one night at the FIFA International FanFest at Darling Harbour, we've been pretty much occupied with live telecasts on the idiot box. Not a good thing, I must say. Especially now that I'm not getting much sleep as the games start at midnight and finish in the morning. Daytime naps are not the same as nighttime sleep, OK?

I'm wishing for the good old days when the whole family would just pack our bags, fill up the tank and just go. Anywhere. Can't wait for this whole soccer thing to be over. As soon as the final game is over, I'm going to ask... no...force! Mama and Dad to take us somewhere. If skiing in New Zealand is not an option, we'll even settle for the Gold Coast. Even if we've been there gazillion times. Mama...purrlease hear my plea... Should I make a placard and picket outside the bathroom door?

Aaahhh... wishing for days when I could sleep peacefully like this. Aren't my companions - Lewis Hamilton (black&white) and Nikki (chocolate) - so cute and fluffy?

Frolicking on the sands of Surfers Paradise is a very good option. Angelina doesn't like the beach much as she claims that it makes her fur goes frizzy...duh?

After the beach, we can go say hello to this lizard at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Hey gecko!

Hey froggy! Want to play with me?

Hmmm...these ones look kinda weird and spiky. Can I call you all spiko gecko?

Hey! Wake up Madam Koala. I want to play with you.

Aaah...this one seems active and wide awake.

Even the kangaroos are all asleep. Come on!

Why is the joey still in the pouch? Come on out!

Aaah...Madam Ranger is nearby. No wonder everyone's been behaving nicely.

Finally...a joey wants to play.

Show off! These birds were showing off their one-legged stunts. They haven't seen what I can do with my paws.

Duck, drake and their ducklings. Cute!

And so, this is how an ostrich drinks.

Now, these ones I don't want to disturb. Ever. Let sleeping crocs lie, I tell you.

Angelina thought this was a croc that managed to escape the enclosure. It's just a log! Though it does have an eerie resemblance.

One thing for sure, beware of spiders! Most spiders in Australia are poisonous.

I thought these were grapes! Silly me! No, I don't know what they are but the tree looks like some sort of palm.

Hmmm....all the airlines are now offering very good prices for Syd-GC, ranging from $35-$39 one way. Let's see if I still have any pocket money left. Shouldn't have bought all those Socceroo merchandise. Oh well....
Mama, purrrlease.... I'll do anything. har har har *gentlemanly laugh*

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Perils of Sleep Walking

The "victim"

Who's guilty?

Phew! Not me!

Angelina's been a bad bad girl. My Mama is very very upset. "I'm blind as a bat," she told Dad. It's going to be at least a week before the replacement arrives. In the meantime, no driving and no watching TV. "I'm going to rely on you, Brad, on the World Cup games."

No worries, Mama. I'm at your service. Woohoo! I'm in her good books for now.

Eat your heart out, Angelina. Hurry up, ask for forgiveness. har har har *evil laughs*

Friday, June 25, 2010

New PM Down Under

The gentleman on the right is Mr Kevin Rudd, deposed as PM by factions in the Labor Party yesterday morning. The lady on the left is Ms Julia Gillard who replaced him. Media reported spokespeople from the party said it was done for national interests as Mr Rudd's popularity has gone south due to some policy debacles.

How will this turn of event affect a cat's life? None, unless it affects my parents'. Oh, I understand that this year is going to be Federal General Election year. hmmmmm...... har har har *evil thoughts*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Middle Kingdom (updated)

Latest on the Socceroos:
We won but we lost. Yeah, we defeated Serbia 2-1 but couldn't make it to second round. Although Ghana lost to Germany, they scored more goals overall (both the Socceroos and Ghana obtained 4 points while Germany tops the group with 6 points). Boohoohoo...!!! This cat's not happy at all. Let's hope my other team (New Zealand) will fare better. The decider games will be at the wee hours of tomorrow (tonight in South Africa). Say a little prayer for the Kiwis!!!

My Mama says it's not good that I'm spending too much time watching soccer at night as it makes me sleepy during the day. She also says she's pretty sure I'll be as fat as a goose soon for being a couch potato and nobody would want to become my fiancee, especially Angelina. Hmmm....so, what do I do now?

Option 1: Slap Angelina so she'll wake up from her hibernation and then she'll chase me around the house. Good exercise, that one. We'll climb up the balcony, kitchen cabinet, Mama's wardrobe, bunk bed, dinner table etc. The downside is, when I tried that, she wouldn't even bat an eyelid. She just peer at me using one half-opened eye and then turned the other way. Mission aborted.

Option 2: Go for a walk in the neighbourhood, which includes going to the corner shop to buy some sticks of Magnum. The downside is, only Dad would agree to this scheme as he loves Magnum too. He's away at the moment and Mama just refuse to touch the ice cream. I can't go out alone...there are nasty dogs that eat cats around (actually I don't know if this is true). Mission impossible.

So, I opt for Option 3. Which is, armchair travelling (coz I don't want to go out in the cold, duh!).... har har har... I'm trying to persuade Mama to take me skiing in New Zealand. While doing my research, found this stack of photos of Christchurch, South Island, that makes me drool.... She'll surely agree to this. I'm pretty sure of it. Look at the photos...no wonder the country has been chosen as location for so many movies including my favourites - The Lord of the Rings and Avatar. Mission possible?

Lovely square in the middle of Christchurch. Remember that we could get yummy kebab there, Mama?

Aah...the giant chess board and pieces. Remember how we played in the drizzle, Dad?

The tourism centre was chockful of useful information. This is where we can get info about the best skiing field around here.

The art gallery was Dad's favourite place of all. Who knows, one day, we get to display all his artwork there.

OMG! We sooo love this tram that goes round and round the city.

Mama gets some serious discounts at the souvenir shop when she starts conversing in pidgin Japanese with the staff there...har har har *winks*

The Bridge of Remembrance marks one of the entries to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

Punting on the river Avon....if you're lucky, the boatman will even sing for you.

A magnificent ginko biloba tree...laden with fruits. Mama thought of picking some to take home but the thought of being fined $200 at the Sydney Airport deterred her.

Don't do it, Dad. Only cats are allowed to jump on trees.

Oh.. Mama. We couldn't bring those pots of primula home too.

A brave orange rose - all alone against the cold weather. Wait for spring OK?

This row of giant pine trees was truly magnificent.

You can't be serious, Dad. Next trip: South Pole?

Don't be duped, people. I write about New Zealand because their soccer team is faring better than the Aussies. Man...they could held off Italy at 1-1 until the last whistle. If not for the penalty, Italy would have lost and be shamed.

Honestly, I'm still in World Cup mode. Go Kiwi!!!! har har har *evil laughs*

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Signs

Sign 1: Our clump of yellow rose started flowering! Spring is still a long way off...not due until September.

Sign 2: The jalapeno chili plant is fruiting like mad. Summer is still a long way off, isn't due until January next year....

Sign 3: Look world! I can stand and walk on two feet...next step, become a Socceroo. Woohoo!!!!

Sign 4: Angelina wants to run away from home with all of our catfood stock. As if!!! But if it does happen....woohooo!!!

Sign 5: Serbia thrashed Germany!!!! woohooo!!!! Maybe there's hope for the Socceroos still...if they win the remaining games against Serbia and Ghana.

My World Cup hope is still alive. Join me watch Socceroos vs Ghana tomorrow night, OK? har har har *evil laughs*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magnum Moment

I'm still upset about Socceroos' trashing by Germany. Thank goodness I have a Dad who understands me. He comforts me and soothes my hurt by pandering to my cravings for....Magnum.... not just any ordinary flavour but the latest craze - Magnum Gold.

I love you. I love you. I love you, Dad.

Here we are - father and son having a Magnum moment. Eat your heart out, Angelina.

Talking about Angelina, she's very serious about this hibernation business.

Here she is all comfy and tucked in her favourite bed. Notice the "tahi mata"? Eeuuwww....

I don't bother waking her up, even at meal times. More for me. har har har *evil laughs*

Monday, June 14, 2010


Maybe if I hadn't done this:

.....wouldn't happen?

But it did happen. And I'm so upset!!!!

The Socceroos didn't play well and Tim Cahill getting a red card is not helping at all. Yo, dude! Play with your legs, head or chest, OK? Never ever touch the ball with your hands. Listen to me!!!!

Oh, please wear the usual gold and green uniform. What's this dark blue thingy? I don't like it at all. har har har *evil laughs*

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Go Socceroos!!!!!

Most Aussies are familiar with footy games such as NRL and AFL. Football (more popularly known as soccer down here) is not popular. However, the Australian national team is strong. So far, the team has managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup three times. First was in 1974, then 2006 and now in 2010.

Dad is a football junkie. And me, his favourite son (okay...better not let Tom hears this) is a football junkie too.

Yesterday, Friday June 11, was the start of the current season. Dad took us (not just me, Mama and Angelina tagged along too) to Darling Harbour. While we can be more comfortable at home watching the digital TV (with the heater on, of course), Dad wanted us to be part of the football fanaticism in Sydney.

Sydney has been chosen as one of six cities officially sanctioned by FIFA to host the International FanFest 2010. The city erected humongous screens that shows all games for the entire tournament. There are three such screens at Cockle Bay and one at Tumbalong Park. I'm not sure what the other cities are, Rio de Janeiro among them, I think. I'm just a cat, okay... don't expect me to know everything.

Anyway, the initial plan was to take the train from home and walk or take the tram from Central. Last minute, Mama and Dad decided to drive, parked the car in Chinatown and then took the tram to the harbour. We were early and managed to get good seats. The girls (Mama and Angelina) sat down most of the time while Dad and I went round making friends and taking pictures. I don't know enough words to describe the atmosphere so I'll do it with pictures instead.

Brad the handsome all rugged up for the night. That's the Socceroo long scarf I'm wearing. We got that from the Sunday Herald newspaper at just $2 a piece.

Mama was trying to read the event flyer in the dark. Not enough lighting from that giant ball.

The early crowd in front of the floating stage cum big screen. I love those flag balloons.

Mama bought this small Zakumi for me.

The real deal - Zakumi the mascot. He enticed all my lady admirers....can't compete with him as he's way bigger in size than me.

The presence of the uniformed guys was greatly felt - we need them to control the crowd.

A touch of native Australia at the opening ceremony.

Fireworks after the live from Jo'burg opening ceremony.

The crowd gets larger as the first game between RSA and Mexico was about to start.

Mama wouldn't buy those Socceroo cap cum wig for me.

The Mexico fans came in the team colours, ready for the match against RSA.

Man, I was really thrilled that Mama and Dad took us out to the harbour, albeit on a very cold night...it was 8 degrees Celcius. It was fun fun fun and exhilarating. Once we went back home, the euphoria continued with some Magnum ice creams (oohhh...I love you Dad!) and more games on TV - till the wee hours of the morning.

Woohoo! I have another 29 days to go. Angelina decides that football is not her "thing" and will hibernate the rest of winter. Fine. I'll take over. har har har *evil laughs*