Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grumpy Old Tom

Ring ring! Ring ring! Ring ring!
Brad: 'Angelina's residence.'
Nicole: 'May I speak to Angelina, purrrlease.'
Brad: 'Sure. Whom may I say is on the line?
Nicole: 'It's her sister-in-law Nicole.'
Brad: 'Oh, it's you. I'll get her.'
Nicole: 'Thanks Brad.'
Brad: 'Angelina, Nicole's on the line for you.'
Angelina: 'Thanks Brad. And, don't eavesdrop. Now, shoo!
Brad: 'You're mean, Angelina!'
Angelina: 'Oh, just go away, Brad. Hey, hie Nicole. What's up?'
Nicole: 'Hey Angelina. I got news for you.'
Angelina: 'What is it? Don't tell me you're pregnant again?'
Nicole: 'No, silly. Just like you, I've had the snip snip too. It's about your brother Tom.'
Angelina: 'Why? Has he been giving you trouble? Beaten you up or something?'
Nicole: 'Sort of. He's been very grumpy lately.'
Angelina: 'Really? What's bugging him?'
Nicole: 'Hahaha...what an apt question. Not bugs though, more like fleas.'
Angelina: 'Really? So I was spot on.'
Nicole: 'Yeah. So he has this sort of ulcer on his upper lip and a bald patch at the back of his neck too.'

Poor Tom. That ulcer on his upper lip is making him grumpy.

Angelina: 'Eeuuwww! Fleas can do that?'
Nicole: 'According to the vet, Dr J, yes, fleas can do that. Apparently, Tom is more sensitive than the rest of us.'
Angelina: 'But I thought all of you are totally indoor. Just like us. So, how did he get the fleas?'
Nicole: 'From strays.'
Angelina: 'Far out! Did you invite them for dinner?'
Nicole: 'No, doofus. We have this new neighbour who puts out catfood outside his unit so the strays came all the time. The vet said the fleas could have come through underneath our door.'
Angelina: 'Serious?'
Nicole: 'And these pesky fleas can lay dormant for about six months without infecting anyone. But as soon as they find a likely host, they'll have a feast. They may stay on you or jump off again.'
Angelina: 'What about the rest of you? Anyone else infected?'
Nicole: 'Fortunately, only Tom is. As a precaution, all of us had to be sprayed too. I really hate having my fur all wet with chemicals.'
Angelina: 'Yeah, that's terrible. So, Tom's not coping well, eh?'
Nicole: 'Definitely not. He has to eat tablets twice a day and some sort of gel applied to the lips too.'
Angelina: 'Hahaha...scaredy cat! Don't tell me he's one of those who hates pills?'
Nicole: 'That's your brother. And these pills contain steroids, you know.'
Angelina: 'Steroids? Soon he'll have an athlete's bulk, eh.'
Nicole: 'Yeah, maybe he should start training for the catolympics.'
Angelina: 'Aren't steroids supposed to be harmful to felines?'
Nicole: 'Oh, the vet said only if we're exposed to it for a long period. Can cause renal failure, diabetes etc. But Tom will be on a small dose for only about two weeks.'
Angelina: 'And so you'll have to cope with grumpy Tom for the next two weeks?'
Nicole: 'Well, that's the story of my life.'
Angelina: 'And Dad's grumpy too I suppose as he had to pay an extra vet's bill?'
Angelina and Nicole: 'Men! hahahahaha...'
Angelina: 'Thanks for the news, Nicole.'
Nicole: 'No worries, Angelina. Bye!'
Angelina: 'Oh, OK. Bye! My regards to the kits, and Dad'
Nicole: 'Yeah. Sure. My regards to Mama and Brad. What is he now? Pet or servant? PA?'
Angelina: 'Neither. Slave. teeheehee!'
Nicole: 'Hahaha..bye sis.'
Brad: 'I heard that Angelina.'
Angelina: 'I told you not to eavesdrop.'
Brad: 'You're so mean, Angelina.'
Angelina: 'Yeah? So what's new?'
Angelina: 'Fine. Whatever.'

Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Things That Irritate

My Mama is not a fierce person by nature. She doesn't get angry easily too. She used to when she was younger, she told me.

However, I do get my ears flicked once in a while. Especially when she's told me off but I pretended not to hear her. You know, a cat has to show that she's independent...yadda yadda yadda.

1. Never ever sleep on her suitcase.

Especially when it's dark-coloured. Hard to clean!

2. Don't even contemplate lying on the dinner table.

Or sitting on it, especially when food is being put on the table.

3. Sleeping on a light-coloured chair and cushion, when your fur is dark-coloured? Don't even think of it.

4. Try to to avoid jumping into the closet and mess up the folded clothes.

5. Don't try sleeping on Mama's unfolded clean laundry. (though I love the smell of freshly laundered clothes.)

6. Never ever sleep on Mama's favourite winter coat! Especially on the velvety/woolen side. 

So, it's not alway hunky dory in this household. Poor Mama has to put up with my antics. purrr....meow!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Prince

Who would have thought that someone who used to look like this:

Don't you want to pinch his cheeks?

Now looks like this:

Aaah...don't you want to just run your fingers through his hair?

Oh, my one and only Prince Charming is now just across the pond (that's our nickname for the Tasman Sea). The media report that he's touched down in Auckland, New Zealand and will spend three days touring the island nation. After which, he'll come home to ME!!!

Yessss...for I'll be waiting for him here in Sydney. His unofficial visit to Australia starts with time spent with Angelina and will end with time spent with just Angelina. My neighbours may not like the presence of police on our street but the Prince's security is more important. Oh, they may hate me forever as the police will ask them to show proof that they live in one of the homes on this street too. Imagine their surprise when they come back from work on Tuesday.

My Mama? Oh, she's taking some days off work as she'll have to chaperone me and my Prince. "No untoward behaviour in my house," she said.

The New Zealanders plan to feed my Prince wild boar and other exotic meat at their "hangi" feast. Little did they know that my Prince loves salmon more. No worries there, my darling. We'll have the freshest Tasmanian salmon for you plus any other fish you fancy. We'll feed you Aussie tuna, trout and barramundi too. Don't worry, not the canned ones, my dear. We'll have them as fresh as can be. We'll have them grilled, barbequed, deep fried, baked and even in sweet and sour sauce. We'll even have Norwegian or Canadian salmon flown in if you so desire. Any fish for you, my love.

Many young ladies will be waiting for you at the airport on Tuesday. Little did they know that you'll be flown direct in a helicopter to ME!!! Oh, those poor possums. Let them wait forever....just like poor Katie back in cold and snowing England.

Where would you sleep? What sleep? I plan to entertain you 24/7 with my antics, my stories and my tender loving care. Aahhh....I can't wait for Tuesday.

I won't be the first Aussie gal hooked up with royalty. Our dear Princess Mary is doing it fine in Denmark. A good Tasmanian gal she is. Imagine our conversation when we bump into each other at one of those royal events in Europe. Mary: "Oh, so you're the Angelina from Sydney who snared Prince William?" Angelina: "Darling, aren't you glad it's not your husband that I seduced?" teeheehee..... purrrr....meow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why the Blog's Been Neglected

Too hot to do anything else... really. purrr....meow!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Bit of Gloating

Now, now, those of you not living in Australia (with the exception of France), don't be jealous. It's not Angelina who said that but someone else.

Australian media today reported that Australia has taken second place in the Quality of Life Index 2010, an annual list compiled by regarded lifestyle magazine International Living.

The news in full: (source: 7News 08/01/'10)
Second only to France, Australia was considered ideal for its 'active and healthy' lifestyle, temperate climate and large beaches. Our quality health care system, infrastructure, stable economic environment, and relative avoidance of the recent Global Financial Crisis noted in the report.

Australia's strong economy has drawbacks for travellers and aspiring emigrants as a strong Aussie dollar has made holidays expensive for visitors. Our cost of living is considered cheaper than some other major cities around the world, according to the index.

France ranked first in the index for a fifth year in a row, citing its unsurpassable 'bon vivant' lifestyle and world class health care system as major attractions. The country's high taxes and a confusing bureaucracy were also mentioned.

Rather than calculating countries with the best value for money, the
Quality of Life Index aims to order global destinations according to their positive lifestyle qualities by taking nine categories into consideration: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate. 

Quality of Life Index 2010 – The Top 10
1. France
2. Australia
3. Switzerland
4. Germany
5. New Zealand
6. Luxembourg
7. United States
8. Belgium
9. Canada
10. Italy

Now, I'm wondering if Mama still wants to retire in New Zealand. They're at Number 5! purrr....meow!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Party! Party! Party!

We begged. Then we threatened. Then we begged again. Then we were threatened.

All of these dramatic display of emotion happened on 31st Dec 2009.

The subject was: New Year's Eve firework at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Brad and I started this campaign (since Christmas) to persuade Mama to take us to the city on new year's eve. So that we could watch the much talked about firework up close. Mama was reluctant as it was expected that 1.5 million people would throng the city.

"Can you imagine the traffic jam? I'm not going to do it even if you pay me a million dollars," she said.

Whoa! So we retreated.

There was compensation though. Mama had invited some friends over to watch the firework. Huh? Guess what, from our own balcony.

Would be a good chance for me to show off my photography skills, eh? Mama's new toy has a powerful zoom lens. Purrrfect!

Brad was super excited. Aunty Z helped him put on a party hat - with firework motif. How appropriate.

Aunty Z and Aunty If came with their respective families. A friend of Uncle Is, Uncle N also came with his wife and parents. So we had a full house.

What we could see from the balcony. The city skyline ablaze with firework.

The firework didn't just go off at midnight. There was the Family Firework at 9pm as well as live telecast on Channel 9. Nearer to midnight, firework also went off all over Sydney, not just the Harbour Bridge area. And we could see them all from our balcony. It was indeed a cacophony of sound and colours.

A closer look.

The crown-like shaped firework is the bridge. 

This one's nearer to home, either Mascot or Brighton Le Sands.

Another one closer to home - we guess this one was in Canterbury.

What's a party without food, eh?

Mama prepared some food too. Yeah, all those firework watching makes us hungry too. The menu: Mee Bandung a la Sydney, and Spaghetti Bolognese. Aunty Z brought curry puffs and vaday. Aunty If brought Lebanese sweets and baklava for dessert. Uncle N brought muruku mix for snack.

Some of the guests at our party.

A bowl of Mee Bandung a la Sydney.... yummy!!!

As the party finished way past midnight, everyone decided to sleep over. Yahoo! We had a slumber party too! Oh, there was also a breakfast party the next day. A late one as everybody woke up late.