Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spay Them All

Mom seems upset today. Apparently she received news that Dad has taken in another female cat and...guess what? her three new kittens. Oh boy! Yes, Dad has a point, he found the kittens in a skip bin. Apparently some other doofus humans have thrashed the new kittens as if they were rubbish. Dad took the kittens home and then went to look for the mother. Luckily he found her.
Back to Mom, who's still upset, she doesn't think having 10 cats is a great idea. The six of us, me and Brad over here, Tom, Nicole, Mike and Nikki overseas, are enough trouble already. Fine, the kittens look cute and they are I must say pretty in that marmalade tone, but poor Mom dreads the poo scooping she has to do later on.
It's bad enough that Brad has very poor toilet manners, forever "missing" the box and did it either on the floor or newspaper covering. She also said what Tom and family produce daily can fertilise a 200-acre vegetable farm. Hahaha....
Imagine seeing this label at organic markets "Organic vegetable, only all natural feline fertiliser used." Would anyone buy the vege then?
Must be quite tasty...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Officially A Mate

It's official. Brad no longer belongs to Auntie Jasmine. He's now my pet. Not my Mama's but MINE! All MINE! I can do what I like with him now. Apparently Mama and Auntie Jasmine decided they have to consider what's best for him. Hey, what about me?
But it's OK. I have my own way of dealing with things.
Like, I have longer and sharper claws than Brad. I don't know why, but for a boy, he seems to enjoy his manicure and pedicure. Always surrendering when Mama shows the nail clippers. Not me! No way, Jose! I will scream and kick and make a fuss. So, when I fight with Brad, I always have the upper hand, or rather, the upper claws...
Please all may think that we fight all the time...actually, NO! We do have our "moments". Like sharing a bed or sharing a sofa...though I always make sure that he doesn't touch me.

Feline = Female Power

Guys! See what happens if you annoy a lady too much? She bites!

Brad, as usual, was provoking me into a fight. Sometimes I just ignore him but sometimes I do strike back. Tough luck, man! This is feline world...I rule this house.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Copy Cat

That smaller feline is BRAD the BRAT!!! Frankly, he hasn't perfected the art of "lotus eating"....Oh, by the way, Brad has had his "balls" done on Friday, I mean he's had the snip snip...And I had one blissful and peaceful as he was away at the vet's.
But he's still annoying!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brad the brat

Have I told you all about Brad? Maybe I have or maybe I haven't. It doesn't matter.
Anyway, to cut the story short, Brad is now due for neutering...or in cat lingo...snip snip! He's been acting funny so I think he deserves a day or two away from home...Finally I would have some peace and quiet.
My mom says if a male cat starts to show these signs: showing off his p...s at strangers, pee at undesirable places esp by spraying, showing aggression towards females (like moi) - he's a candidate for snip snip. I've had my operation done yonks ago. But I'm a girl so I didn't have all those spraying and showing off p...s to people...Urgh! That ugly pinkish thing...yuk!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brad the BRAT!!!

Ooh..he's so annoying. When Mama brought him home, I thought I would have my own pet...a sweet, cuddly, little kitten named Brad Pitt. But guess what? He's only pretending to be so to get Mama's attention...When she's not around, he will annoy the @#*^ out of me!
Come on! My beautiful tail is not a toy for him to play with. It's very irritating when each time I wag my tail, a creature with claws and sharp teeth would attack it. Worse, he'll do it at the most inconvenient time like when I'm having a meal or even making poo in the toilet.
How I wish Auntie Jasmine would come back soon so that we can have some peace in this house. Next time Mama wants to babysit anyone's kid, I'll tell her to consult me first. I'm the victim here....HELP!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Long Time No See

When was the last time I write anything? Must be like 6 months ago? Not that I've been lazy but a lot has happened since. For instance, my Mama went overseas and I had to stay at her friend's house for almost 3 months. She was supposed to be only gone for a month but due to a mishap she had to be hospitalised and a surgery done...poor Mama...I missed her a lot although Pingu kept me company.
Then winter came...and I just love to hibernate. I always beg Mama to leave the electric blanket on even during the day coz I simply love curling up in her bed. You don't expect me to leave the warm cosy bed and sit in a cold chair typing away..huh?
But you know what? I had withdrawal symptom. So I'm back blogging....I'm female, so I'm fickle!
Mama brought home a companion for me yesterday. More like a live plaything for me. His name is Brad Pitt. Or rather, Mama renamed him Brad Pitt. I don't know what his former name was. You know, my Mama only name her feline companions after Hollywood stars. No cute names like Cutipie or Peaches for her. Not that I'm complaining coz I'm named after the sexiest of them all...meow...meow...meow...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lazy Bum

Been a long while since I've been pawing the keyboard...purr....I've just been so lazy lately. It's been raining heaps in my area lately. With the rain comes the howling wind and it's been cold...burrr....
So I just spend the time sleeping. My fav port now is my Mama's massage chair. The box has a label that says "Feel human again"...guess that doesn't apply to cats. Now that I spend more time on it than Mama, maybe we should change the tagline to something like "Feel feline again"...meow meow meow....
But what's a cat supposed to do all day? I'm not expected to go out and make a living. My Mama does that! I'm not tall enough to go to school...well, I'm not even allowed on the school bus! Hmmm...I can sympathize with that tiger on the Optus ad...imagine me going to the library...I would distract all those bookworms with my good looks. They would all stop reading their books just so they could stroke my lovely body...I'm irresistable ya?
Yawn yawn yawn....I'm going back to sleep...So long, peeps! Zzzzzzzz

Friday, January 5, 2007

Dr T

Been a while since I last wrote. Well, I've been away from the computer. Why? Because my Mama was away in Perth and I had to stay with Dr T. She's a nice enough lady vet but I don't like her so-called boarding house. Must admit that ahe does spend time playing with me...even her assistants do that. There's this one "Auntie" who loves to rub my stomach. Excuse me, M'am...but it's ticklish...
However, although all of us boarders are put in separate cages, we do have to put up with each other like I had with these two dogs who keep barking all the time...they just irritate the h.... out of me. I hate noisy people, or animals.
Dr T also didn't put any clay in the toilet, she used old newspaper. That's just not my thing. I prefer clay coz I like to bury my poo...So when I'm with Dr T I'll give her a "present" in the water bowl. Then, she'll complain to my Mama that I did my thing in the water bowl....heheheh...Mama got embarassed, as if I haven't been toilet trained.
Dr T is a vet but she obviously hasn't read Mama's Cat Owner's Manual. Maybe she doesn't know that you're not supposed to put food and toilet next to each other. That's a No-No in the feline toilet etiquette. Sigh...maybe next time I'll do it in the food bowl. See how Dr T reacts....growl...growl...