Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tocktober a la Angelina

Angelina's note: The calendar says it's still October. So, I'm still not too late for Tocktober time, right? purr...meow!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diwali With Lulu

Angelina's note: We celebrated Deepavali on Wednesday and was invited to HRH Monyet King's open house in the evening. Check out his blog here. Anyway, as is typical of my Mama, the first thing she did was not to "attack" the food but the resident feline, HRH Princess Lulu. She has the whitest tummy and Mama just snorgled her non-stop. Does she care that there was an audience?
According to HRH Monyet King and Aunty Sathya, Princess Lulu was a rescued cat from SPCA that they adopted three years ago. She's now approximateky five years old....still single and available. Mama said she 'd make a fine wife for Brad. Hmmm.....why Brad and not Michael? I wonder if Aunty Sathya fancies an Aussie SIL. He's lazy and a brat to boot, you know.... purrr....meow!

In the 'Hood

Angelina's notes: We saw this queen lounging on a neighbour's car parked near Kimi. We've named her Jenny from the Block. Isn't she a beauty? Bet she's been making all the mancats in the area horny. Just look at those seductive blue eyes. But she won't win "Angelina's Lookalike Contest" at all. Mama said wish we could capture her, send to the vet and *snips*....wishful thinking.... purrr....meow! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tabbies on Tuesday: Window Dressing

Angelina's note: OK....OK...Brad looks quite intelligent contemplation, I'd say. At least Nikki hasn't torn this pair of curtains. purrr...meow!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Flying Colours

We had an interesting day last Saturday. We went out to Shah Alam, to my handsome Abang Epi's alma mater, to attend his convocation day. For the uninitiated, the universities in Malaysia usually hold an annual affair where graduating students put on robes, mortar boards and go on stage to receive their scrolls. In Abang Epi's case, it was his day to receive his degree in Physiotherapy. Usually, close members of the family will be there to celebrate with the graduate. OK, let the pictures speak for themselves.

A very formal shot.
A not so formal shot. The bloke is Abang Epi's good friend who was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor's medal.
Another not so formal shot.
I am free....he said. A very very informal shot.
Family picture at the hospital, before the ceremony. As you all know, my Mak Long just had her surgery the day before.
A formal shot of Abang Epi and Kakak Nurul.
A not so formal shot of Abang Epi and Madam Pawpawrazzi.
Another informal shot with my Pak Long.
Abang Epi just loves the camera, eh?
Oh boy! Even the truck is not spared.
OMC! What's this? Hmmm....Abang Epi's graduation album is unique indeed.
We went back to the hospital after the ceremony so Mak Long gets another photo op.
Who's my teddy bear????
That's him on stage! We're proud of you, Abang Epi.
Angelina's note: My handsome Abang Epi is still single and available. The university offered him a teaching post as well as a place in the Master's programme. He accepted both. So, girls, I'm still accepting applications for the position of Mrs Epi. purrr....meow!

Monday Blues: Hello Kitty...errr....Nikki

Angelina's note: One of the reasons why Mama is usually late for work on Mondays. Nikki loves her cuddles. purrr....meow!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Mak Long

We spent Friday at the hospital. No, it wasn't Mama. It was my Mak Long (Mama's elder sister - Abang Epi's mom) that was hospitalised. She had a surgery Friday afternoon. She's going to be at the hospital for a while. Purrrlease purrray for her speedy recovery.

Mak Long and me (OK...OK...Tigger represented me as the hospital is not pet friendly!) before her surgery.
Mak Long with my Abang Epi, Kakak Nurul and Tigger.
Angelina's note: Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. They were taken using Mama's mobile phone. purrr....meow!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old Married Couple

What do old couples talk about?

Tom: Nicole.....hmmmm.....
Nicole: Yes, Tom?
Tom: ...errr.....errr.....
Nicole: Why don't you sms me?
Tom: Yeah...good idea....(text....text....text....)
Nicole: Yeah....

Angelina's note: Duh???? Hmmm....I wonder if Mama and Dad are like this too.  purrr....meow!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Impawtant Announcement:Mama's Indisposed

Angelina: Mama's been sick since Sunday night.
Brad: She's been to the hooman vet on Monday morning.
Tom: The vet took her temperature, it was high at 36oC.
Nicole: So she was heaps of medication for fever, flu and cough.
Michael: And for vomiting as she barfed up any food she consumes.
Nikki: Please purrray that she'll be well again soon.

Angelina's note: We're all taking turns warming up Mama's bed, massaging her and licking her worries away. Get well soon, Mama. We may not be able to do our usual blogwalking and commenting. Forgive us. purrr...meow!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Jaunt (and Rants!!!!)

Mama's having mobile phone trouble so Dad suggested that we go visit a service centre that can remedy the situation. You see, the phone had been having a life of its own like switching on and off whenever it wants to, especially as Mama is about to send an important she's not happy with that. Buy a new one? This one's still relatively new and cost quite a bit so no new replacement.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we end up in an unfamiliar terrain (anything beyond a 30-minute drive is unfamiliar terrain, OK?) called Sunway Pyramid. The shopping mall is huge. We only found the centre after consulting three floor plans and two security personnel. Found it we did, and guess what? "Oh, this is just a sales centre now. The service centre has moved to a new location. Let me give you a list," said the cheerful staff there. A quick look at the list reveals that there is one which is located at 1-Utama, a mere 10-min drive from home. Duh???

Never mind, so we decided to window shop instead. See what this place can offer us. Then we saw this....

What??? A cow in a shopping mall? And "Daisy" has strawberry tattoos all over her.
har har har! "Daisy" here is just a dummy cow...but look there...she has celebrity eyelashes. Will she be the next Revlon girl?
The barn-like dining area.
What we had at the barn - fro-yo with strawberry topping and sunflower seeds. Notice the clouds on the table?
...and clouds on the ceiling.....
We needed to walk off that tub of yogurt and so went up and down and round and round the mall. Gosh! It's so easy to get lost in this "pyramid"...even a pharaoh will, if he can get up from his "sleep for eternity".  Oh...but I digress. Then we saw this.....
What in tarnation is this? A cat show? Mama and Dad were grinning with glee and thought they've hit the jackpot.
The crowd....that gets bigger by the minute.
There was a colouring contest for human kids...
Ooooo....this  started Mama's raves and rants - the sight of kitties in cages. Her first query went like this: "What? These kitties will be here until 10pm? What if YOU are kept in a small cage for 12 hours?"
She went livid when she saw this - cat litter in the water bowl and off she went again: "How often do you check each and every cage? You don't expect kitty to drink this contaminated water? Change it now. I said NOW!!!!" "And while you're at it, look at that kitty in the next cage. She has an eye infection. Treat her, NOW!!!!"
Obviously, Mr Seal Point here was distressed. He won't budge from the litter box and was hissing at people. And he wasn't the only one. Won't you be stressed out too if hundreds of strangers poke at you and use the flashy box at you and observe your every move? You don't have privacy at all. Some people even shook the litter boxes where some kitties were obviously upset and trying to get some rest by sleeping in the litter boxes.
Although the organisers keep making announcements for people not to poke at the kitties or open the cage doors and touch, people kept doing it. Mama pointed out to the organisers that they should give the visitors a list of dos and don'ts. The respond was: "Even if we give, these people won't abide by the rules." But least try to educate them! 
One a lighter note....kitty there was encouraging the young artists...
Look at that face. It said: Get me out of here.
Angelina's note: We end up sitting next to a lady who was pacifying a very distressed kitty by the name of Lizzy. She's a gorgeous tortie Maine Coon who was obviously very upset with the whole thing. And the audacity of some people. They even poked at her! Mama told the nice lady to not bring Lizzy there the next day. She'll be better off at home.
Know what, if it had been me in one of those cages (Mama would have lost her mind if she ever let me be in that situation!), I'd just bite those hands that dare poke at me or shake the litter box when I'm in it!!! I would looooove to practise my clawing skills too. Seriously, I hate cat shows...especially this particular one. Thumbs down to the organisers. Where is the SPCA inspector when you need one? purrr...meow!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reminiscence on Friday: Chippy @ Gympie

Around this time last year, we had a sojourn in Queensland. I would call it a Touch'n'Go tour as we spent bits of time everywhere, not just in Gympie but also in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast before returning to Sydney. Ooohhh...I still weep whenever the name of my birth town is mentioned although I'm a full fledged Malaysian now....

Anyway, we had lunch at this wonderful place called Octopus Seafood in Gympie and had a delicious selection of seafood. There was the ubiquitous fish and chips, grilled fish as well as prawns and squids....oh no....the keyboard is wet with drool. Hurry up, Mama, where's the hanky?

Grilled Barramundi for Dad (and Brad! the table scrap beggar).
.....while Mama and I had this scrumptuous calamari. I just found out that Malaysians call this sotong celup tepung (squid in batter)...
Don't you think the presentation is just pawesome??? Oh, we had one of each. Not enough to share just one "cone".
Angelina's note: Hmm....why are we talking about Australia now? Are we returning to the land where I was born? purrr...meow!