Sunday, May 27, 2012

...and That's Why They Called It The Blues....

Mama and Dad were in the jungle recently, visiting some villages with the intention of perhaps solving their water woes. Besides the usual site inspection, meeting with locals et cetera, they also took time to assess the surrounding areas. And guess what they found? Some kitties....badly needing medical care as well as TLC I must say....let the pictures do the talking.
Found these tabbies relaxing on the cool cement...
Tabby 1 looks kinda healthy albeit scruffy...perhaps he's never had a bath in his entire life. OK...the village does have water problem....
Tabby 2...hmm...what can I say...someone should look at that left eye...or whatever is left of it. Looks like a nasty infection.
Close up....poor kitty!!!
Angelina's note: I don't know....I feel so helpless. The people in this village are poor, hardly surviving on their small income. I guess their pets' health is not high on their priority list. purrr....meow!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Wishes

Wish number one - to look at that sunset everyday....sigh....
Wish number two - grilled tuna for dinner....NOW!!!
Wish number three - personal fisherman fisherboy...
...who can bring home a catch like this in just two hours....
Wish number four - deep fried mantis prawn....(drools on the keyboard...)
...or steamed....will do too!
Sorry...can't get over the fact that these beauties were fished from the verandah at the kitchen! What's the name of fish again? Bolong? Belawis? Never mind, we'll call it Delish!
Wish number five - sumptuous dinner of tuna, mantis prawn and Delish. Burp!
Angelina's note: Apparently, all my wishes can come true at Mama's island. Huh? Mama's island? Yeah...wishful thinking indeed. When are you taking me there, Mama? purrr....meow!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Delightful Detour

Scene 1: In the car, somewhere along the North-South Highway 

Dad: Mama, where's that place where you can get delicious dumplings?
Mama: (busy reading Google Map)...hmmm...I think it's Tanjung Malim.

Dad: Is it far from here?
Mama: Next exit.

Dad: How far?
Mama: Look for the signboard...ummm...500 metres.

Dad: Phew! Almost missed the turning.
Mama: It's OK. We didn't.

Dad: Now, how far in from the toll booth?
Mama: Dunno. Let's just cruise in. We are not in a hurry anyway.

Scene 2: In the car, after half an hour going in circles.

Dad: Boy....this town has changed so much since we were last here.
Mama: Yeah...that would be about ten years ago.

Dad: Where's the darn shop?
Mama: Dunno. Let's drive around some more.

(...someone in a red car swerved dangerously in front...)
Dad: What the @%&*!!!
Mama: There! On the left...ooohh...we've passed the junction.

Dad: It's OK. We'll make a U-turn.
Mama: Thank Cod there's not much traffic here. Finally....

There...what we were looking for. The famous restaurant that sells the Famous Tg Malim Pau. "Pau" is the local name for dumplings Chinese style.
This freezer welcomes you at the front. Frozen ones to take home. Four types of pau fillings to choose from: chicken curry, beef curry, red bean paste and coconut jam.
Hot and steamy ones to partake at the shop.
All ready to be steamed.
Coffee to go with the pau.
A display of newspaper cuttings.
Another display of newspaper cuttings. Told you this shop is famous!
Can't help chuckling at this one.
The restaurant also has an extensive menu offering Malaysian cuisine. This is a noodle with gravy thingy.....before demolition.
...and after...burp!!!
Angelina's notes: Tanjung Malim is a small town about an hour drive north of Kuala Lumpur. Besides the Famous Tg Malim Pau shop, an established teaching university called UPSI is also located there. purrrr...meow!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuxie on Thursday

Sebastian aka His Royal Peskyness @ cuddle-hogger @ Mama-hogger @ pain in the a@$&*%!!!! purrr....meow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hiya kitties and peeps! After much ado (including threats, cajolings, persuasions and disapproval tails), Mama has agreed to be retrained in blog upkeep. Try this at home and see if they work with your peeps. There are many training styles to choose from.'s hard to get good staff nowadays and if you have to make do with the mediocre available quality, might as well train them over and over again. Until they get it right. Or threaten to run away from home (works every time, I must admit).

This is the LOOK INTO MY EYES AND FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS style. Yeap, get it right from the very beginning. I'm serious, Mama.

The PAW ON KEYBOARD style. The staff must smooch and pay glowing tributes to that paw.

The ASSISTED PAW ON KEYBOARD style. Here, paw is spelled with a P not an M...sheeesh....

The I CAN BLOG EVEN WITH MY EYES HALF CLOSED  style. Don't try this when you're driving...

The TALK TO THE PAW style....or rather the DISAPPEARING HEAD style.

The TALK TO THE CURLY PAW style. Awesome, isn't it?

The ADMIRE THY BLOG style. Yeah....must appreciate your own work....

The UH OH...THOUGHT I HEARD DAD DISHING OUT THE GOODIES IN THE KITCHEN style. This is the best ending to the training programme. Ever.

HAPPY TRYING!!! purrr...meow!

Principal Trainer,
Prof Dr Angelina Jolie
PhD (Sydney Uni), Hon. Lit. Dr (UNSW), Master of the Letters (Wollongong)

Monday, May 14, 2012

In A Jiffy

Scene 1: Study 

Angelina: Mama, what are you doing?
Mama: I'm working, dear...

Angelina: ...but it's the know....
Mama: I know....but I have to finish this before Monday...

Angelina: What's happening on Monday?
Mama: err.....another out station trip?

Angelina: No....not again....and how long will this be?
Mama: Just a day trip. I'll be back by evening.

Angelina: you know that you've been negligent.
Mama: Huh?

Angelina: You know....this blog... updates...comments...
Mama: Oooh....I know...and I'm sorry.

Angelina: So what are you going to do about it?
Mama: Do what?

Angelina: Mama! You are exasperating!

Monday, May 7, 2012 Shake!!!

Mama attended a formal dinner party cum book launch cum roadshow launch last night. She came back with a wwwiiiidddeee grin on her face. Hmmm.....apparently she got to see her favourite singer LIVE!!!! Who is he? Watch this.

He made a surprise appearance at the event and sang crooned three songs.... all Mama's favourites, especially this French number. Now, sing along with us....

Lyrics: Tu Sais Je T'aime

Tu viens vers moi quand tout va mal
Et je suis toujours là
You know I love you
chœur : tu sais je t'aime

Tu pleures un peu et tu me parles
Mais tu ne me vois pas
You know I love you
chœur : tu sais je t'aime

Je suis l'ami le bon copain
Celui qui comprends tout
You know I love you
chœur : tu sais je t'aime

Mais souvent j'ai serré les poings
Aujourd'hui je l'avoue
You know I love you

Mon amour a commencé
Un dimanche après-midi
C'est comme on dit en français
Le coup de foudre

C'était dans un pub anglais
Et j'en suis encore surpris
Toi tu t'amusais, moi j'attendais

Tu viens vers moi quand tout va mal
Et je suis toujours là
Tu sais je t'aime
You know I love you

Tu pleures un peu et tu me parles
Mais tu ne me vois pas
Tu sais je t'aime
You know I love you

Tu me souris tu as compris
Tu me regardes enfin
You know I love you
chœur : Tu sais je t'aime

C'est le plus beau jour de ma vie
Tu m'embrasses et tu dis
Tu sais je t'aime

Notre amour a commencé
Un dimanche après-midi
C'est comme on dit en français
Le coup de foudre

C'était dans un train anglais
Et j'en suis encore surpris
Toi tu t'amusais, moi j'attendais

You know I love you

C'est le plus beau jour de ma vie
Tu m'embrasses et tu dis
Tu sais je t'aime.....

And this is Mama's amateurish video effort last night. Back to school, Mama. The quality is disgusting but the audio is not too bad.

And some photos....she is indeed a pawpawrazzi.

In full glory....he looks good for his age....
Spine tingling moment, Mama said...
Angelina's note: Nope, there is no photo of her and him....Dad was around too, you see.... purrr....meow!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend's Eye Candy

Mama had a weekend getaway with her girl friends recently. All kitties and Dad were left at home, unfortunately. She didn't show me photographs of the food they had, at least.

This the view Mama had from the room she shared with Aunty A. The place they went to is called Port Dickson, about one and a half hour drive from home.

Now, this is the real eye candy. My niece Nikki. Isn't she a beauty?


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brad's Homecoming Pawty

Mama has put me in charge of Brad's celebrate his return from the hospital. I need help deciding the menu (which may not even be delivered as everything depends on what Mama has in the fridge....).
Should it a combination of grilled catfish (and hot sour dip) and chili prawns?
XXXL prawns from for Prince Brad...
Or....chicken and beef satay? drooling....
What about this humongous concoction for dessert? This is a Malaysian specialty called ABC - Air Batu Campur (literal translation - Mixed Ice) - a heavenly mixture of shaved ice, milk, syrup, jelly, cendol, nuts, dried fruits etc...
Angelina's note: Don't fret, fans of Brad. He can't eat any of those. This menu is for us, the guests. Brad will stick to his RC UT diet kibbles...the poor sod. har har har *evil laughs* Hey...the pawty will be in his honour....purrr....meow!