Thursday, August 30, 2012

They Are 8!

Nikki Lauda Kidman-Cruise aka Dad's blue-eyed girl aka Koala: born 29 August 2004
Michael Schumacher Kidman-Cruise aka Mama's blue-eyed boy: born 29 August 2004

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday-i-tis: Why I Was Not Able to Update

Princess Angelina is supposed to be hibernating....yet decided the best place to do so is in front of the lappy. Until I can find ways to extricate her from there, updating activities will be very slowwwwww......har har har *evil laughs*

Brad the Most Handsome

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mama @ Work: Fast2Feed

Fourteen done, 12 more to go. Oh, what in the world is Brad talking about now?

Well, kitties and peeps, I'm talking about Mama and her duty in this month of fasting. You see, Mama's organisation runs a programme called Fast2Feed where they feed the needy all over Malaysia. The needy here means orphans, poor children, single mothers and poor senior citizens. The international network runs this programme all over the world but then Mama concentrates on this country only, for now.

The programme is simple, the public gets to sponsor one needy person at a fixed rate of MYR40 (add another MYR20 if you want to attend the event as well) while the organisation delivers the whole works. The sum received will be used to pay for the food plus a goody bag and some cash. (My complaint: as the son of the chairperson, I have to suffer by having dinner without my pawrents at home....)

Mama says they have delivered all events in Klang Valley and next week will see actions in other parts of the country like Johor, Terengganu, Perak, Penang and Perlis. There are still opportunities for sponsorship, better late than never....

Events in Sabah and Sarawak will be held after Eid, she added, if the time permits. I think Mama will also have a big do on that island of hers. Her water project is completed and will be officially launched. So expect some kitty sitting stories soon....

In the mean time, here are some photographs to ogle at.

Hmmm...cute.... some orphans dishing out the goodies. I like pretty girls...everyone knows that!
Ooops! Madam Chair entertaining a permanent resident of an orphanage! Hey! How come I don't get that special treatment at home?
Another PR entertaining the visitors. OK, this event is at a human shelter, not the SPCA....
Breaking fast with simple fare cooked by the Myanmar refugees. Hmm....more pretty girls.
Mama made the visiting Vice-Chairman from the UK headquarters worked for his supper! teeheehee....
I loooove pictures of happy faces! These are the OA kids from ASDAF with some generous uni students.
There are many many more pictures from all the events that Mama attended. That will be for another day. And, oh, if you have FB (which I don't!!!) please click on this link: The good people at The Coca-Cola Company has created a special Ramadhan app where you can upload and dedicate messages to friends and family. Come on, spread the good word! The target is to have 50,000 messages by 18 August so that Mama's organisation will get additional funding for the water project.

Brad's notes: This is annual affair that runs in the whole month of Ramadhan. Be generous, people! har har har *happy laughs*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Menu for the Sick

I took over kitchen duties when Mama was sick. Not having gained a black belt in culinary art (yet), I don't have that many recipes memorised. But I do know that Mama needs something simple yet nutritious. Wanna know what they are?

Scallops! Glorious scallops! Two kilos of them beauties.....fresh from Sabah.
Simple soup: Chopped garlic, shallots, bruised lemongrass, bird chilies, water, knob of butter.
Add scallops when water is boiling away. Season with salt and pepper.
Close up! Slurp!!!!
Brad's note: Mama had her scallop soup served with white rice but I prefer wholegrain bread to mop up the gravy. The scallops took only about two minutes to cook. The flesh becomes hard if you cook them for too long. Yummm......har har har *evil laughs*

This cooking lesson has been brought to you by Celebrity MasterCatChef BRAD PITT!!!!