Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Copy Cat

That smaller feline is BRAD the BRAT!!! Frankly, he hasn't perfected the art of "lotus eating"....Oh, by the way, Brad has had his "balls" done on Friday, I mean he's had the snip snip...And I had one blissful and peaceful as he was away at the vet's.
But he's still annoying!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brad the brat

Have I told you all about Brad? Maybe I have or maybe I haven't. It doesn't matter.
Anyway, to cut the story short, Brad is now due for neutering...or in cat lingo...snip snip! He's been acting funny so I think he deserves a day or two away from home...Finally I would have some peace and quiet.
My mom says if a male cat starts to show these signs: showing off his p...s at strangers, pee at undesirable places esp by spraying, showing aggression towards females (like moi) - he's a candidate for snip snip. I've had my operation done yonks ago. But I'm a girl so I didn't have all those spraying and showing off p...s to people...Urgh! That ugly pinkish thing...yuk!