Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolution...sort of...

The good thing about being a cat is that I don't have to conform with normal hooman behaviour. Case in point is this thing about having a new (or renewed) resolution whenever a new year comes. I mean, what should my new year resolution be, to eat less tuna? to scratch less? to sleep less? duh???

However, there's no rule that says a cat can't help her Mama make and keep her new year resolution. So, what's Mama's new year resolution? TO BE A BETTER FARMER. Serious.

We have helped Mama sow, transplant, water and fertilise her garden. We call it our Garden in the Sky. May it stay lush just like the garden we had in our Sydney home. My job is to make sure my sisfurs and brofurs don't sabotage Mama's hard work. Remember the case of Michael versus pandan leaves?

This time around, we have culinary herbs like ginger, rosemary, polygornum (Vietnamese mint or kesom), kaffir lime (limau purut) and bird chili. As well as some ornamental plants like palm, kalanchoe, mondo grass and even a mosquito repellent. Another great news, Mama had sown some vegetable seeds and so far we've seen some crimson okra seedlings peeking out. snoopervising is not an easy task, OK? I have to make sure nobody chomp off the new plants.
Can you see some okra seedlings peeking out from the planter boxes? Hanging them outside the balcony is to prevent some furry climbers to use the boxes as they had done in the past.
Our Garden in the Sky (Brad has nicknamed it the Scenic Toilet!!!)....

So, there you have it. My new year resolution is to help my Mama keep her new year resolution. May the garden prosper.....and here's to more green yaks on the floor....teeheehee...purrr...meow!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thanks for the Memories....

Hello Kitties (and peeps)!!!

Thanks for coming by on my birthday. Thanks for the birthday wishes and all. Mama's very very busy with her end of year projects (wrapping up old and starting new....never ending story) so we've been rather slack in updating, replying to comments and especially bad is very very little blogwalking. Forgive me...but it's all Mama's fault.

However, I almost forgive her as she managed to squeeze in some of her so-called precious time to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. She even managed to bake me a cake. So, the Jolie-Pitt-Cruise-Kidman-Schumacher-Vettel household ate moist orange cake on Christmas Day. Brad was disappointed that Mama didn't make chocolate cake instead. Yeah...when are you going to experiment with the Majulah cocoa powder you brought back from Sabah, Mama?

Anyway, I'm not complaining. The orange cake was devoured in no time by kitties and hoomans alike. I managed to photograph it before demolition. Cute, eh? Well, Mama says it's not as pretty as a store-bought one...but's the thought that counts, eh? purrr...meow! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hello Kitties!
It's me Brad. Angelina's on the bunk bed, sleeping, so I decided to steal some blogging time. I'll be brief though. Guess who's big day is it tomorrow? No....not mine. It's HRH Princess Angelina's birthday...or so we were told by her original owners. Let's give her a surprise birthday party. Jips, treats, toys, mice are all accepted. Har har har *evil laughs*

Friday, December 16, 2011

Stray to Heir

Dear Tommaso,
You may not know me, or even of me, but let me tell you that I'm proud of you man-friend. Imagine, from a stray to heir of USD13 million fortune. That much money can buy lotsa treats and food and toys....You must have given lotsa love to your late mom....

But hey...don't forget the rest of our kin who are still eking out a living as an alley cat or even island cats (check my previous posting). I wish you'd put aside some of that dough into a fund to help your fellow felines. Think about it my will do you good.

Yours in felinedom,
Angelina Jolie

check out Tommaso's story here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Island Cats: Paradise or Hell on Earth????

Angelina's note: Kitties, for once I'm glad my Mama and Dad are such busybodies and hardcore pawpawrazzi. They visited an island famous for snorkeling and diving activities, worldwide. The natives there are poor and eke out a meagre living by fishing and not really benefiting from the thriving tourism industry. Mama showed me the photographs she and Dad took of the feline population there. Some made bawl my eyes out. The kitties are now considered a nuisance by the hooomans there. There used to be many woofies but they have now disappeared. Rumour has it that they were poisoned to cull the population. Mama wants to organise a capture and spay programme there. Any volunteers? For the record, there is no vet clinic on the island. purrrr....meow!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Where Are the Pawrents?

Angelina's note: Mama and Dad went "overseas" for almost a week leaving us in the care of Uncle Amir. Sebastian was shipped off to Uncle Abid's as he needs extra care. Will post heaps of stories about their trip. purrr....meow!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuxie on Thursday

Angelina's note: As y'all know, Madam Pawpawrazzi likes to record the anatomy of all her kits....Sebastian is no exception. purrr....meow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: For Hardcore Hello Kitty Fans

Angelina's note: Only for Malaysians (sorry Aunty Caren....teeheehee....) purrr....meow!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Babysitting Blues: Off Duty

Angelina's note: Poor Brad....he hardly gets any time off since Sebastian enters our life. So, when Mama takes Seb to the vet, Brad gets a well deserved rest. The rest of us just tip-toe around him. purrr....meow!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life in Malaysia: Middle Eastern Food

Since moving back here, I notice that Middle Eastern restaurants are now as ubiquitous (ooohh...kill me Aunty Ninot) as Tom Yam joints. This is especially so in downtown Kuala Lumpur that is seeing an increasing number of Middle Eastern tourists. In fact, some suburbs have become Middle Eastern enclaves as certain nationalities tend to congregate in the same locality as their fellow countrymen. I have tasted Yemeni, Palestinian, Iraqi, Persian, Lebanese and even Saudi cuisine, either in restaurants or at public feasts. Even the supermarkets and grocery shops are selling what they call Arab bread, a somewhat white, round, leavened bread.

I think this phenomenon is not just caused by the influx of Middle Eastern visitors to Malaysia, it is also the result of the Malaysians having the economic means to travel more often to the Middle East. Also, there's quite a sizable Malaysian expatriate communities in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Even among Mama's circle - an architect in Dubai, housewife in Qatar etc. Ahhh...the borderless world...

We were living in Sydney but somehow was also exposed to heaps of Middle Eastern culture. Apparently, the influx from the Mediterranean area back in the 1960s and 1970s brought along the myriad of culture from nearby regions. Thus, besides Greek and Italian food, we also get Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian and Jordanian food. Oh we get so many versions of hummus. But I love them all. Travel to any remote area in Australia and almost always, there'll be a kebab shop at a corner somewhere. Serious.

Anyway, we found ourselves in a new township about 45-min drive away from Kuala Lumpur early last week. Mama and Dad had a meeting there and of course, as always, I tagged along. After the meeting, we decided to check what's on offer in that town. Lo and behold, we found not one but two Middle Eastern restaurants. One was closed on that day, so we checked out the opened one called Baghdad Cafe. I have never been to Iraq but it's interesting how they blend Iraqi culture with Malaysian in this restaurant. Let's check it out.

This is what we had. A humongous portion of roast lamb leg, mandey rice and some condiments. A normal person couldn't really finish this so we shared. It was yummy.......
This is what the restaurant called "authentic Middle Eastern tea" - the bottom layer is sugar syrup. In Sydney, we call this Turkish tea and usually served with cubed, which one is  authentic?
The restaurant has furniture arranged in clusters unlike other restaurants where the furniture is usually of one type or style. An interesting concept. This corner is for those who want to have a bit of massage - notice the massage pads on the turquoise chairs?
Next to the "massage" corner is a settee set covered in striped cloth with a wooden coffee table. Very relaxed.
Somehow a water feature also fits in the decor.
A tea dispenser set - used as decor.

I looooove the different shapes of lamps they have. So ornate.

Angelina's note: Mama makes a mean Middle Eastern-like rice dish too at home. But our condiments would have lots of chillies in it. After all, we are Malaysians. purrr...meow!