Friday, March 30, 2012

No Merry Widow

It's been two weeks since Tom's passing.
At first, Nicole seems alright, grooming herself as usual and all that.
Then, she began to hide in the study and didn't come out when called.
Then she stopped eating.

So, last night, my Mama scooped her out of her hiding place.
Had a one-to-one session in the bedroom.
Oh yeah...tears flowed, words flew.....
Nicole then slept on the pillow that Tom usually slept on.

This morning, she has begun to eat again....
Phew! That was a worry....
At least she's not sick.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuxie (and Tabby) on Thursday: Seb loves Brad????

Babysitting is such an exhausting job....had to have 40 winks in between...
But His Royal Pesky-ness is tireless.....always seeking attention love from his mentor.
Brad has two minds: 1. Whack him good or, 2. Ignore him.
Brad decides: 1. Whack him good.
2. Then ignore him....leave the situation.
Either way, Seb wins Brad's attention love.

Angelina's note: Mama's still in mourning.... so, on behalf of her, I'd like to thank everyone for your comments and well wishes. We all have a tough job of making Mama smile again. You see, Tom's departure is so sudden.....after eight years of owned by the King, I guess Mama is finding it hard to deal with the situation. purrr.....meow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tabby on Tuesday: Nicole the Gotcha Girl

Nicole is a meticulous "bather"...
Aaahhh...the original blue-eyed bombshell of the household....
Angelina's note: Nicole was my Abang Epi's cat before she was gotcha'd by my Mama eight years ago today. Well, she eventually became the daughter-in-law of the house when she married Tom, and gave birth to Mike, Ralf and Nikki. Now, she's single again...but not looking, she said. I hope she's not too distressed with Tom's passing. purrr....meow!

Monday, March 19, 2012


TOM CRUISE: 14 Jan 2004 - 17 March 2012  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sad Wednesday: Pray for Tom (UPDATED)

Tom in his cage at the vet's clinic. He was complaining loudly to Mama that he wants his comfy humongous bed to sleep on.... Mama's been visiting him before and after work.

The verdict: Tom has renal failure.
The MRI scan shows his right kidney is larger than his left one.
Ultrasound probing found his right kidney is badly damaged, no live tissues detected.
His left kidney is also damaged, though still functioning.
However, no trace of stones in both kidneys.
He seems alert and not as listless as before, perhaps coz he's on a drip and getting some nutrition.

What next?
There is no cure.
Tom will need treatment as long as he's alive.
Mama's considering working from home so she can give full time palliative care for Tom.
He will only be allowed home once his blood count stabilised.

Original story:
Seb's been consoling and bathing Tom.....
There are tears in the house
When the first born refuses to eat
When the first born has lost so much weight (lost 1.1kg so far)
When the first born spends time napping and napping
When the first born becomes scruffy as he doesn't do bathing properly
When the first born can't control his bladder
When the first born's heart beat doesn't sound normal
When the first born had to be left at the vet's ....

There are more tears in the house
When the first born's blood test's results show:
* high contents of urea
* increased count of white cells
So, there'll be more tests done on the first born
Many more days of staying in the ward
Many more days of uncertainty.....

It's not a happy occasion at home
Mama's been inconsolable....
We'll be offline for the time being
Purrrlease purrray for my brofur Tom....
He needs all the goodwill and good wishes from everyone
We'll keep you all posted from time to time

Take care, all.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday-itis: Seb's Progress & More Anatomy Recording

Remember the little tyke we adopted in November last year? In case  you don't, read here.

We took him to the vet last week for his regular check-up. New facts and figures to add:
1. Weight: 3.3kg (he has put on 2.9kg in just three months!!!!)
2. Flea and mite-free, for now.
3. Balls off in about two months (the earlier age estimation was wrong, he's still under aged)
4. Stronger limbs (though he still walks "funny")

He's all grown up now....almost a man....
Want more pix of him?

In slumber land....zzzzzzz
Snorglicious tummy...
No...he didn't cross his legs. Just his weird criss-crossing tuxie strokes...

He knows how to do proper bathing now.
Notice his black ad white balls??? Come will be gone...
Angelina's note: He still walks funny....could be due to the spinal injury.  purrr....meow!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angelina 1 Mama 0

Angelina's note: The tablet is now mine...all MINE. You go play something else, Mama. purrr....meow!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Tail of Disapproval

Dear Mama,
If you don't buck up on the blogging front, I'm moving out.

Your daughter,


Dear Angelina,
Yeah....see if you can survive on the streets with just a paperbag for shelter. And no food? tsk tsk tsk


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Have I told you peeps that I looooove weddings? The more traditional the better. However, I haven't attended any wedding for ages. Thus, when the opportunity came last weekend, I made a point to go, come rain or shine. And rain it did, on the way there, and on the way home. It's OK, Mama said, it's just water. At least we were travelling in a car, not in a partially covered boat in the middle of the sea.

Oooh...but I digress. Who got married? Zue and Din, at Taman Sri Andalas, in the Royal Town of Klang. Kakak Zue is a cousin of my Abang Epi on his father's side. That makes her my second cousin by marriage, non? Anyway, just enjoy the pix.

The bride and her groom...all Colgate smiles, eh?
This is what you get when you bless the couple on the dais - they are called "bunga telur", hard boiled eggs to symbolise fertility it seems.
Close up look of the fertility thingy.
The lad manning the gifts table was either bored or dead tired.
The grand-pawrents....
The bride's aunts in uniform....oooh...the wedding has this English country and vintage theme....
The silver contraption contains rose water, betel nuts, leaves and other stuffs to bless the couple with. The umbrella was handy as it was raining.
The lady in the middle is the bride's younger sister, that's my Kakak Nurul on the right (Abang Epi's sister). I don't know the young man. Could be future member of the family?
The bridal cake aka leaning tower of Klang....
An interesting "cake" made of glutinous rice and meat floss. Nope....cats can't eat this, Mama said.
Wedding lunch was sumptuous. There were chicken, beef, vegetables and vegetables and vegetables......yummmm....
My Mak Long (Abang Epi's mum) and the happy couple...
Children (all cousins) were happily playing in front of the dais.
Mother and Kakak Nurul is still single....any takers?
Yeah.....Madam Pawpawrazzi at the back.
The bride and her cousin....har har har
My Mak Long and her fan club.
My Mak Long, her fan club and the bride.
Angelina's note: Please send wedding invitations to me. I loooooove weddings.... purrr....meow!