Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brad the BRAT!!!

Ooh..he's so annoying. When Mama brought him home, I thought I would have my own pet...a sweet, cuddly, little kitten named Brad Pitt. But guess what? He's only pretending to be so to get Mama's attention...When she's not around, he will annoy the @#*^ out of me!
Come on! My beautiful tail is not a toy for him to play with. It's very irritating when each time I wag my tail, a creature with claws and sharp teeth would attack it. Worse, he'll do it at the most inconvenient time like when I'm having a meal or even making poo in the toilet.
How I wish Auntie Jasmine would come back soon so that we can have some peace in this house. Next time Mama wants to babysit anyone's kid, I'll tell her to consult me first. I'm the victim here....HELP!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Long Time No See

When was the last time I write anything? Must be like 6 months ago? Not that I've been lazy but a lot has happened since. For instance, my Mama went overseas and I had to stay at her friend's house for almost 3 months. She was supposed to be only gone for a month but due to a mishap she had to be hospitalised and a surgery done...poor Mama...I missed her a lot although Pingu kept me company.
Then winter came...and I just love to hibernate. I always beg Mama to leave the electric blanket on even during the day coz I simply love curling up in her bed. You don't expect me to leave the warm cosy bed and sit in a cold chair typing away..huh?
But you know what? I had withdrawal symptom. So I'm back blogging....I'm female, so I'm fickle!
Mama brought home a companion for me yesterday. More like a live plaything for me. His name is Brad Pitt. Or rather, Mama renamed him Brad Pitt. I don't know what his former name was. You know, my Mama only name her feline companions after Hollywood stars. No cute names like Cutipie or Peaches for her. Not that I'm complaining coz I'm named after the sexiest of them all...meow...meow...meow...